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Candy Review: Dove Promises Milk Chocolate With Peanut Butter

It’s no secret that Dove makes some of the best mass-produced chocolates on the market. With its super-smooth texture (resulting from high levels of cocoa butter) and an unbeatable chocolaty flavor, it has always seemed a cut above the Hershey’s and Nestle brands sold alongside. And their venture into the “miniature” chocolates arena, Dove Promises? […]

Candy Review: Dove Easter Eggs

Whenever I want to eat eggs for breakfast, I usually have to leave the house to do so, as the smell of eggs cooking makes my poor fiance sick. However! My fiance’s aversion to eggs does not extend to chocolate eggs, thank goodness, which means our house becomes an egg-filled wonderland of chocolaty goodness each […]

Candy Review: Dove Tiramisu

I used to work in an Italian restaurant, so I’m no stranger to tiramisu. In fact, I’m no stranger to the good, the bad, and the ugly side of tiramisu. I became addicted to its layers of firm, creamy goodness at the restaurant, and have since been on a quest to try the dessert almost […]

Candy Review: Sugar Free Dove Rich Dark Chocolates with Raspberry Creme

Trying to cut sugar from your diet can get difficult when chocolate cravings hit. I had a sliver of time between work and class one night, and I stopped at Walgreens for a snack – the chocolate demon was attacking, and I had nothing to bolster my defenses. I headed for the small sugar-free section […]

Candy for the Cure: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As you wander around the candy aisles this October, you’ll no doubt notice an array of Halloween-themed bags, with pumpkins, spiders, and bats climbing atop your favorite candy bars. But another color might catch your eye amidst the array of bright orange Halloween bags: the color pink, the official color of National Breast Cancer Awareness […]