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Candy News: New Conversation Hearts Slogans Revealed

(Image Courtesy of Associated Press via Boston Herald) Valentine’s Day is still a good month away, but that does not mean Valentine’s Day candy is in any short supply. You’ve probably noticed that your local supermarkets and drugstores redesign their candy aisles the day after Christmas (seriously, it was snowmen and Santas one day and […]

An Inconvenient Truth: Conversation Hearts Go Enviro!

You know going green and environmentally conscious has hit the big time when it starts to affect our classic candy traditions. Necco’s Sweethearts conversation hearts have different themed slogans for each year, usually based on what is happening in American culture. Last year they appealed to our love of animals, this year it’s all about […]

Conversation Hearts Go Wild for Animals

It’s impossible to imagine a Valentine’s Day without the ubiquitous Necco Sweethearts conversation hearts. They’ve been around for over a century, and I’ve got to say, they taste like it, too! I guess it’s kind of like those holiday fruitcakes–hardly anyone actually likes them, but nevertheless they feel obligated to buy or consume them. Necco […]

Valentine’s Day Post – How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts?

Depsite all of the Valentine’s-related posts I have made in the weeks leading up to today, I still feel I need to post something related to Valentine’s Day so here it is: How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts? On this page, they count, measure, sort, and grind Necco hearts and give us some real measurements […]

Conversation Heart Crafts

Craftgossip has a cool list of 9 different crafts you can make with conversation hearts. I never really cared for the taste of them, so maybe I should start making stuff with them instead! 9 Conversation Hearts Crafts