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Candy Review: Crackheads – white and dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Crackheads. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name, but that’s what these are. Some of the beans are covered in dark chocolate and some are covered in white chocolate. They’re made by a small startup candy company called Osmanium out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and this […]

Candy Review: Chargers Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Eating a coffee bean sounds a little weird at first, but when you coat it with dark chocolate and a candy shell… a whole new world can open up to you. Chargers Candy sent me a free sample of one of their battery-shaped tins of Chargers Chocolate Espresso Beans (“Get Charged”), and I am really […]

Candy Review: Jitterbeans (aka Crackheads Squared) Plus Giveaway

For those of us who can’t function in the morning without at least two cups of coffee, (or, in my case, a giant Red Bull), the idea of a product that promises the awesomeness of candy plus the benefits of caffeine is hard to beat. And for hardcore caffeinated Candy Addicts, Jitterbeans (or Crackheads Squared) […]

Candy Review: Starbucks Chocolate

One of my favorite things besides candy is coffee, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I received a huge, beautifully packaged box of Starbucks Chocolate to review! Yes, folks, Starbucks Coffee Company is now in the chocolate business. Starbucks has partnered with Hershey’s, whose subsidiary Artisan Confections Company, itself comprised of Joseph Schmidt Confections, […]

Candy Review: Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate

It’s funny how things work. Periodically I check my search logs on the site to see what people are searching for and I try to see what people are searching for that we haven’t covered on the site. I noticed a little while back that there were a fair amount of searches for “Green and […]