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Google+ Cadbury = Sweet, Edible Technology

Candy is fun! Creative! Inventive! So what does any respectable candy company like Cadbury do when its Google+ page gets 500,000 “circlers” (fans)? …it celebrates by making a Google+ profile page out of chocolate! How does one go about making an edible profile page? Well, the base is made of 1 kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) […]

Candy Review: Cadbury Micro Mini Eggs

As we discovered in our recent review of Popping Mini Eggs, Cadbury seems willing to go to some pretty darn strange places in order to “improve” a candy that many would argue is already the pinnacle of Easter candy perfection. I like to imagine the conversation went kind of like this: Cadbury Executive 1: Yeah, […]

Candy Review: Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs

Now, some people might say that Mini Eggs are perfect just the way they are – tiny, sugary ovoids of chocolaty perfection. To those people I say, BLASPHEMY! There is no candy so perfect that marketing executives can’t tweak with the formula to produce a bunch of special editions that nobody really needed, but all […]

Candy Review: Cadbury Moments

There’s a definite trend right now towards small but rich chocolate candies that are packaged to appeal to women and marketed as little indulgences that won’t break your diet. Cadbury has officially entered the arena with Moments, which are essentially two-bite truffles in bar form. With Moments, Cadbury seems to be aiming for the same […]

Candy Review: Cadbury Chocolate Bars

While on a mission at my local Ralph’s, ostensibly for drinks and cleaning supplies, I decided to make a detour into the candy aisle. I didn’t expect to buy anything, as I’m fond of spending as little as possible, and only tend to indulge in my sweeter passions when they come at a decidedly inexorbitant […]