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Candy Review: Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar

Fans of highly processed dime-a-dozen sweets, perhaps this particular indulgence isn’t up your alley. With just 8 ingredients (the majority of which most kindergarteners are familiar with), Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar seems like far less of a devilish indulgence than what you might find at the checkout line of your local grocery store. Of […]

Instructables Candy Contest

Instructables is having a DIY candy contest where you can win an iPad! Everybody loves candy! And we want you to share your favorites with us. Chocolatey, gooey, sticky, or chewy, we want to know what kind of candies make your pulse race. Recreate your favorites, share your grandma’s recipes, or make up something completely […]

Best Candy Schwag Ever? Mystery Package from Stark Industries (and Reese’s / Marvel / MIT)

Being a Candy Addict, I manage to get some cool candy schwag every now and then, but today I got the coolest yet. It’s a safe stolen from Stark Industries (from Iron Man). Allow me to explain… A few days ago I got a semi-mysterious email from an MIT student saying that he was working […]

Candy Book Review: Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage

Not long ago, I reviewed a piece of American Heritage chocolate made by a subsidiary of Mars. American Heritage specializes in manufacturing chocolate akin to colonial recipes. But there is more to them and Mars than just making chocolate… much more. You see, since 1998, Mars has funded an academic team at the University of […]

Candy Recipe (for disaster): Homemade Lollipops

Continuing with my family’s attempt to create a frugal yet festive holiday, over the Thanksgiving weekend we decided to make something from scratch. My wife has a collection of old cookbooks, so pulling a Betty Crocker book circa the early 1970s from the shelf, I flipped through the sticky, crumpled pages and found the ‘All-time […]