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Bazooka Gum Reloaded

Bazooka Gum, the classic American gum we all know and love, is changing. Out goes the hard, square gum and in comes a twist-wrapped, rounder gum billed as softer and longer-lasting than the original and it will allow bigger bubbles. The 5 cent price tag will still be the same as it was in 1947 […]

Bazooka Gum Origami

A few months back I stumbled upon this site that showed how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt. I tried it and it worked though it was a bit tricky (and made a really cute shirt). Now, here is a simlar tutorial on how to create a shirt and pants with the comic […]

The Dallas Mavericks “Bling” Pops

We’ve all seen Ring Pops: those sweet lollipops made into the shape of huge faceted gemstones that we slip on our fingers in order to eat them. Well, now I’ve seen it all. Check out the “Bling” pops that Bazooka, the maker of Ring Pops, is sending to the Dallas Mavericks. These are Swarovski crystal […]

Candy Review: Toxic Waste Hi-Voltage Bubble Gum

The Earth’s environment is crumbling around us. Actually, it has been for some time. Most of us would like to protect our planet. After all, as wonderful and convenient as the digital world is, most of us would like to introduce our kids to a non-virtual reality. But without being a scientist, or being independently […]

Candy Review: Archie McPhee Wasabi, Bacon, and Meatball Gumballs

I am a huge fan of Archie McPhee. My bathroom is decorated with their matching sushi-themed shower curtain, rug, and trash can; I have their band-aids that look like Crime Scene tape, their toy gun that catapults pigs, their little squeaky monk who’s talking on the phone and drinking coffee…. But you’ll notice something all […]