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Candy Review: Twizzlers Sweet and Sour Filled Twists

The last few Twizzler spin-offs haven’t really been anything special for me. Despite the popularity of the cinnamon variety, they just weren’t my thing. The same holds true for the less popular Rainbow Twizzlers. Actually, I don’t really care for any Twizzlers that aren’t the strawberry or cherry flavors. At the All Candy Expo, I […]

The Great Licorice Debate: Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

At beginning of each new year, I like to spend some time devoted to thinking “deep thoughts” and pondering important philosophical matters. So my question to you is: Twizzlers or Red Vines? When I first developed my love of licorice, I was living on the East Coast. I grew up eating Twizzlers. No funky flavors […]

Candy Review: Twizzlers Mixed Bag

Photo by Anthemic Tangle I love licorice. So when I came across a value pack of mixed Twizzlers flavors it was like Christmas came early. The bag had a bunch of flavors I’d never heard of, along with some that were more familiar. Each flavor is wrapped in its own cellophane pouch so you can […]

Candy Review: Cinnamon-Flavored Fire Twizzlers

It’s a good day for a Candy Addict when you stumble upon a new candy that rocks your world. I was in Walgreen’s the other day picking up a prescription for my newly-acquired bronchitis (long story) and what did I see but a display of new Fire Twizzlers. A cinnamon Twizzlers! When had these come […]

Halloween Quickie Candy Reviews: Peeps Spooky Friends, Gummi Googly Eyes, Individual Twizzlers

Well, Halloween is over, the decorations are coming down, and the candy bowl is slowly emptying. While the sweet memories are still fresh, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this year’s haul. Peeps Spooky Friends: These are pretty much equal in their level of awesomeness with the Googly Eyes (see below). To […]