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Candy Review: Sour Nerds

Wonka’s Nerds have always impressed me because of their sheer boldness as a candy. With the exception of Pixy Stix and possibly Fun Dip (both Wonka products), few candies out there are as reckless about their conception as Nerds. They’re not trying to be molded into a particular shape, and they don’t look like a […]

Candy Review: Nerds Gumballs

Today’s guest review comes from a true gumball lover blogging at Maison de Gumball…. For sugar lovers everywhere, the search for sugar nirvana has come to a sudden and crunchy close. Yes, that’s right – I’ve found the answer to the age long question of how much sugar can be crammed into a single piece […]

Candy Clothing: Nerds Rule T-Shirt

If I had a business card that stated the adjectives most appropriate for describing me, the first one would definitely be “Candy Addict.” The second? Nerd. I love sci-fi and computers almost as much as I love candy. Come to think of it, I’m happiest camped out in front of the TV watching Star Trek […]

Easter Candy Review: Nerds Bumpy Jellybeans (aka Giant Chewy Nerds)

I know, I know, more jellybeans (I just reviewed the Starburst Sour Jellybeans), but can you blame me? When you find the right jellybean, it’s the perfect combination of crunch and chew and sugary goodness! So, when Candy Addict’s very own Brian professed that Nerds Bumpy Jellybeans are his favorite Easter candy this year, I […]

New products from Nestle (and Wonka) – Wonkazoid, Squeez, Berry Nerds, and more

(click for more pictures) Nestle will be introducing 3 new products at the All Candy Expo – Wonkazoid, Squeez, and Berry Nerds. Wonkazoid is an electronic game/dispenser pack which comes in four varieties: SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip, Nerds Hockey, Shockers Shockball Showdown, and Nerds Freeze Tag. Wonkazoids will retail for about $9-$10. SweeTarts Squeez is […]