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Review: Jack in the Box Andes Mint Shake

When Jack in the Box recently announced that they’d concocted a shake of vanilla ice cream and Andes Mints, I knew I had to check it out. I kind of grew up on Andes (the chocolates, not the mountain range), since my mom would always have a box or two around during Christmas. I could […]

Candy Recipe: Andes Mint Covered Brownies

Ok, this isn’t a real recipe since it doesn’t tell you how to make the brownies, just how to add Andes Mints to them. This is more like a semi-homemade recipe. I can’t take credit for this recipe though. I found it accidentally while Googling something candy-related. It was posted by someone who goes by […]

Candy Review: Andes Cherry Jubilee Thins

I don’t understand why I am hesitant to eat mint-flavored candy. I mean, I do like the taste of it. Hand me a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and watch me make it disappear in seconds. But probably because of my dislike for gum, I avoid most mint products. It isn’t that there […]

Candy Review: Indiana Jones’ Mint Crisp M&Ms

They’re finally here! The long awaited Mint Crisp M&Ms that we heard were coming out in time for the new Indiana Jones movie are finally on shelves. And not a moment too soon! Between my eagerness to see Indy in his new geriatric adventure glory and tasting the new M&Ms adventure that Mars has planned […]

Candy Review: Red Light Chocolates

It’s not often that I get to review a local candy but I got an email recently from a chocolate company that just happens to be local to me – Red Light Chocolates. After a couple of emails, I was in possession of a beautiful box of their artisanal chocolates to try. Red light Chocolates […]