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Top 10 Candy Songs

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Having a stressful day at work? Think a sweet playlist will make the world seem a bit brighter? Listening to songs mentioning candy and sugar always put me in a good mood so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites…and some of the sweet history behind the tunes.

10. Sugar Shack, Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs

Of course all of us present-day sugar fiends love this song, but apparently there were just as many sugar fiends in 1963. Though this New Mexico-based group got their start as an instrumental group, it was “Sugar Shack” that put them at No. 1 on the Billboard chart in ’63.

9. I Want Candy, The Strangeloves

This song may make you want candy but it seems the writers really wanted a publicity stunt. Clever! It was actually written in 1965, by Bert Berns, Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer—the latter of the three having already written such hits as “My Boyfriend’s Back.” The writer-producer trio (excluding Berns, who wasn’t involved in the recording) invented The Strangeloves when they decided to record this song on their own. They even went as far as creating a fake backstory for a press release, stating that the trio was made up of three brothers who were Australian sheep farmers. “I Want Candy” became a Top 10 hit in Canada and got to No. 11 in the U.S.

8. Lollipop, The Chordettes

“Mr. Sandman…bring me a—lollipop?!” Ah, yes, The Chordettes. They established themselves in 1954 with their hit record “Mr. Sandman” and then went on to record hits like “Lollipop” in 1958. But did they write it? Nope. It was written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross, for the duo Ronald & Ruby.

7. Sugar, Sugar, The Archies

Everyone knows this one, right?! Written by Jeff Bary and Andy Kim, “Sugar Sugar” was a four-week No. 1 hit single in 1969. Most notably, it was made popular by The Archies, who were a fictional band who appeared on The Archie Show.

6. The Candy Man Can, Bill the candy store owner!

Originally appearing in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971, “The Candy Man Can” was sung by Bill, the candy store owner, whose real name is Aubrey Woods. Though some of us might prefer that version—specifically because of the backdrop of a candy store during the performance—Sammy Davis Jr. covered it in 1972…and that’s actually when the song had its two-week place at No. 1.

5. On the Goodship Lollipop, Shirley Temple

This is an old one. First appearing in the 1934 film Bright Eyes, “On the Goodship Lollipop” was choreographed by Shirley herself. It was composed by Richard A. Whiting and lyrics written by Sidney Clare. Shirley had too much on her plate to do it all!

4.Savoy Truffle, The Beatles

George Harrison wrote “Savoy Truffle” as a tribute to Eric Clapton’s chocolate addiction. It appears on The White Album. Not much else to fill you in on regarding this.

3. Candy, Nat King Cole

Though often credited for writing “Candy,” famed songwriter Johnny Mercer did not. It was written by Mack David, Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer in 1944. It’s been recorded by different folks since then, but I like the Nat King Cole version.

2. Marshmallow World, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra

Written in 1949 by Carl Sigman and Peter DeRose, “Marshmallow World” was made big by Bing Crosby. And as much as I love Bing, wouldn’t you rather watch Dean and Frank sing and dance to it? …me too!

1. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, Lesley Gore

Though this is my favorite Lesley Gore song, she is widely known for her 1963 hit, “It’s My Party,” which she recorded at the age of sweet 16. I guess she no longer wanted to cry at her party (lyrical reference to aforementioned song, for any of you younger readers) because two years later she was singing about sunshines and lollipops. You see, candy can cure anything!

And if you haven’t had enough of the sugar songs, check out the Top 10 Candy Jingles.

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