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Candy Review: Sweet Pete’s Sea Salt Caramels

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Sweet Pete's Sea Salt Caramels

It seems like your basic caramel has become a thing of the past. Everywhere I look there are all kinds of fancy caramels topped with special salt from Hawaii or the Himalayas. I’ve also seen flavored caramels like pumpkin or even varieties made with tea. I’ve actually never really wanted to try any of these new fangled caramels but after trying these sea salt caramels from Sweet Pete’s, I’ve developed a new point of view.

Sweet Pete’s candies are also handmade and I’m a HUGE fan handmade products. I’ve been buying all kinds of handmade products for years and you can never beat the quality. This is especially true with any handmade candy I’ve purchased. That being said, I am officially addicted to Sweet Pete’s Sea Salt Caramels. Even though the samples I had did not last long, I can tell you that these Sea Salt Caramels from Sweet Pete’s are of high quality and have a fantastic taste. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed.

They are not goopy or chewy in texture like what you would normally expect in a caramel. They are a bit more “solid” but they are very smooth, milky and they just melt in your mouth. Instead of putting the sea salt on top of the finished product as I have seen everywhere else, the sea salt is in the caramel. The combination of that sea salt and the buttery, milky caramel is just sooooo good. Neither flavor overwhelms the other, but they work in such a great harmony together to give you a wonderful candy eating experience.

Sweet Pete’s makes small batches every day since they use no preservatives. That’s good because then you know when you place an order you’re going to get a fresh product. That’s the kind of quality I want in anything I eat. These are simply the best caramels I’ve ever eaten.

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