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Candy Addict is hiring!

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Candy Addict is looking a little dead lately and we need to change that. We’re looking to hire some new writers to get the site really going again. If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to write about candy (and get free candy to review), now’s your chance!

What are we looking for in the ideal Candy Addict writer?

  • A love of candy, obviously
  • Excellent writing skills
  • A sense of humor that comes through in your writing
  • Familiarity with HTML – you don’t have to be an HTML guru, just have some basic knowledge
  • The ability and time to write a minimum of 5 articles a month for the site
  • Knowledge of WordPress is a big plus, but not required. If two writers had equal skills but one had WordPress knowledge, I’d probably choose the writer with the WordPress skills if all other things were equal
  • U.S. resident preferred but not required. If you want to be a writer that gets free candy samples to review, you must live in the U.S. If you are outside the U.S., you can still write for us and get paid (in U.S. dollars), but you would get no free candy from the U.S. (but we might be able to arrange free candy from candy companies in your country).

What will you get out of writing for Candy Addict?

  • Money. Yes, you will be paid for your writing. It’s not enough money to quit your day job, but it’s some extra spending money.
  • Free candy. We get lots of free candy to review – you will be put into the free candy queue and get some too (but you will have to write a review of it)
  • A paid writing gig to put on your resume.
  • No hard deadlines. Write when you can, as long as you can meet what you committed to.
  • World-wide fame and notoriety. (Ok, I lied about the last one, but all the others are 100% true)

If interested, send me an email to DO NOT SEND EMAIL – APPLICATION PERIOD IS OVER

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5 Responses to “Candy Addict is hiring!”

  1. 1
    Jeanette says:

    Is there a deadline for entering this? I’d like to apply but haven’t previously written anything food-related. Also, what email do I send the application to? :)

  2. 2
    Sarafina says:

    I am sure that you have hired someone by now, but the post (that you posted) has no email address for Brian (you i’m guessing), and i’m sure it is on this site somewhere, but i cannot find it :( Please send it to me!

  3. 3
    susie says:

    I’m curious about writing for your blog

  4. 4
    Brian says:

    The application period is over

  5. 5
    noah says:

    hi this is noah, 6th grade,will u answer question about the science fare that i have concerning to the geyser of soda. For instance:

    How do i measure how hi the soda goes and which size of soda can can i use

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