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Top 10 Candies That Remind Me of Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is just so hot these days. His music beckons teenage girls to cry and scream over and over again. Since he’s just a “baby” himself, I thought that he probably, most likely, LOVES candy. Now, this Top 10 list is not a list of candies that Justin Bieber eats himself (well maybe a couple of exceptions). It’s more like a list of candies that when I see them, they just make my heart go a flutter thinking of Justin. If you’re a Bieber fan and like his music, I hope that you’ll enjoy the Top 10 candies that remind me of Justin Bieber.

#10: Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids 2 ounce Bag

Sour Patch Kids used to be Justin’s favorite candy. But, after mentioning that they were his favorite candy, he began being pelted by them on stage during his concerts. He ended up eating too many and getting sick of them. While they are no longer his favorite candy, they used to be and that counts for something.

#9: Crime Scene Tube Candy

Crime Scene Tube Candy

I know that this may not make sense to you but the Crime Scene Candy Tubes are in this list for two reasons. One, in honor of YouTube, where Justin posted many of his early videos to get started. And, two, because it would be a “crime” not to listen to Justin’s music.

#8: Island Punch Candy Sticks

Island Punch Candy Sticks

Island Records is Justin Bieber’s record label. These Island Punch flavored candy sticks do homage to Justin’s recording company.

#7: Chocolate Covered Maple Creams

Chocolate Covered Maple Creams

Justin Bieber is from Canada (Ontario in fact) and the symbol of Canada is the Maple Leaf. So, in honor of Justin’s country of birth, I give you chocolate covered Maple creams (these are nut free too)!

#6: Giant Astro Pop

Giant Astro Pop

Right now you’re asking me, “Why Astro Pop?” Well, Justin’s music is “Pop” music and just the mere mention of his name sends teenage girls straight to the moon.

#5: My Tunes Candy Music Player

My Tunes Candy MP3 Player

This looks just like my MP3 player that I’ve got my Justin Bieber songs on!! The My Tunes Candy Music Player even comes with headphones. I love being able to listen to my Justin tunes and eating candy at the same time.

#4: Cry Baby Tears

Cry Baby Tears Candy

“Baby” is probably Justin’s most well known hit. And, since it’s about a girl who’s left him and broken his heart, Cry Baby Tears just comes to mind. As well as all those girls we see crying non-stop at his concerts.

#3: Puppy Love Candy
Puppy Love Candy

Justin’s first hit “One Time” is about one of Justin’s favorite subjects, “Puppy Love”. It’s really about, more of less, having a crush on someone really bad. This “Puppy Love Candy” just reminds me of how cute Justin can be.

#2: Licorice Laces

Black Licorice Laces

Justin has the most gorgeous hair ever! Remember when he cut his locks!? That was so shocking! So, when I see licorice laces, I can’t help but think of his luscious hair.

#1: Peeps

Yelllow Marshmallow Peeps

As revealed on the Conan O’Brian show on Valentine’s Day, Justin’s new favorite candy is PEEPS! OMG!!! One of my favorite candies is PEEPS! Justin I love you!

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Candies That Remind Me of Justin Bieber”

  1. 1
    Gobble Monkey says:

    love the site!! just found it.

  2. 2
    Caroline says:

    Wonderful site, full of tasty treats.

  3. 3
    Candy Arrangements says:

    LOL! I’m giving you points for the title.

    I happen to still like sour patches, not so much after this blog post :)

  4. 4
    Misunderstood says:

    I read through the entire article thinking that Brian was the author…

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