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Candy Review: Hershey’s Air Delight

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Hershey's Air Delight Candy Bar

Everybody knows the name Hershey and everyone out there has probably had a Hershey bar. After all, they aren’t called the “Great American Chocolate Bar” for nothing ya know. Now they’ve come out with this new chocolate bar called Hershey’s Air Delight. It’s essentially a regular Hershey bar full of air holes which is sort of like the Nestle Aero bars or even the Bubble Chocolate.

I’ve had the Aero bars and they have air pockets more like a honeycomb. The air holes are large and very noticeable. I was never impressed by that feature, it really never added or took away from the flavor, and it just added a weird texture. The Hershey’s Air Delight has really tiny air holes – it looks a lot like the middle of the bar got kind of melted and smooshed. You have to look really really close to even see the tiny air pockets.

The texture is just a softer version of a Hershey Bar. The air holes don’t really add anything except to make it feel softer inside, almost like there should be some sort of filling in it, but there isn’t any filling. As far as taste, it takes just like a regular Hershey bar, just with that soft texture on the inside. It seems to be a new gimmick that Hershey is trying out in their bars and their Kisses too, like they’re trying to dip their feet in the water. I like Hershey’s chocolate and it always brings back childhood memories, but this Air Delight is nothing phenomenal. I’ll eat it if you give me one but I’d be fine with just a plain good old regular Hershey bar.

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7 Responses to “Candy Review: Hershey’s Air Delight”

  1. 1
    Kevin says:

    I agree, bought one as it was new and I was curious. The flavor seemed odd, the texture as well, haven’t had another bar. Wonder if by fluffing it up just means they can charge more…………

  2. 2
    bakinstuff says:

    I totally agree with you both. Nothing special about it!!!

  3. 3
    Amanda says:

    I so agree with you all. I really didn’t enjoy the flavor or texture and it made me just want a regular hershey’s bar. I have no desire to try the kisses version.

  4. 4
    Bradley says:

    It’s just a hersheys bar. Softer and larger portion.

  5. 5
    Chris says:

    I agree. I did not like it. The texture and taste was no good to me. I did not even finish the bar I bought.

  6. 6
    Devil in the Drain says:

    No mention of Nestle’s Choco’Lite from the ’70s? I loved those until they disappeared.

  7. 7
    melanie says:

    Stick to an Aero Bar, they are the best!

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