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Candy Review: World Market Filled Milk Chocolate Bars

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World Market is a store that sells a variety of imported goodies, from home decor to gifts and snacks. They also have a great candy section that includes imported candy as well as their own line of chocolate. A while back, we reviewed World Market house chocolate bars. Today, I picked up two of their house line of filled chocolate bars to try out: Coconut Milk Chocolate and Caramel and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate. Both of them sound good to me!

But how do they taste?

World Market Coconut Milk Chocolate

Packaging: Pretty, classy, gold and light green label
Smells like:
Regular good-quality milk chocolate, barely a whiff of coconut
Boasts: Creamy coconut ganache filling

When I bite into it: Sweet and milky, smooth. Where’s the coconut?

Verdict: Nice milk chocolate, but overall this bar is nothing special. I wasn’t looking for coconut tanning oil flavor, but I did want more coconut than I got from this bar. Definitely not much coconut going on here. I wish there was a bit more “ganache” in the bar. I did get a small piece of coconut stuck in my mouth after the chocolate had melted away.

World Market Caramel & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

Packaging: Pretty, classy, gold and brown label
Smells like:
Regular good-quality milk chocolate, slightly sweet
Boasts: Caramel filling with a touch of sea salt

When I bite into it: Sweet and milky, smooth. The caramel is oozy, just like most other caramel-filled chocolate bars. Not much of a salty note, but it tastes good.

Verdict: Like the coconut in the previous bar, the salt is subtle, barely present. The caramel is much more a player in this chocolate bar. It’s rich, gooey, and good. Like a slightly upscale Caramello. There’s a sort of salty aftertaste, but it’s not very noticeable.

And the winner is:

The Caramel and Sea Salt bar is the definite winner. The coconut just didn’t have enough presence to impress the judges. And by “judges,” I mean me.

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