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High-End Edible Chocolate Jewelry

Do you love candy so much you would wear it? Any chocoholic jewelry-lover would be enchanted by these chocolate earrings by jewelry designer Wendy Mahr. The Edible Jewelry Collection also offers a chocolate ring, chocolate pendant, and a cluster of chocolates on a necklace. All of the chocolate jewelry is adorned with edible gold leaf […]

Make Bubble Gum Infused Vodka

Skittles-infused vodka is sooo 2008. This year, it’s all about the bubble gum-infused vodka! Toss a few pieces of your favorite gum into some clear alcohol, and a week or two later, you have a light pink alcoholic infusion that reminds you of your childhood (but is only for those of legal drinking age of […]

Candy Review: NewTree Belgian Biscuit Chocolate

We’ve mentioned NewTree Chocolate before, the Belgian chocolate with the healthy twist. I picked this NewTree Belgian Biscuit 65% Cocoa dark chocolate bar and bought it before I even noticed its impressive list of health benefits. This particular bar has flax seeds (touted as a source of Omega 3), three times more fiber than similar […]

Candy Recipe: Kryptonite Candy

What would Lex Luthor eat if he was a Candy Addict? Simple, he’d pop this glowing green Kryptonite candy made by Chemical and Biological Engineering student BrittLiv. This Instructables member created the candy using a commonly-found vitamin, that lends an eerie glow to the candy. The glow is better seen under UV light, but also […]

Candy Review: GoNaturally Blood Orange and Iced Mint Mango

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a brand of candy that was actually good for you and did more than just cause your teeth to fall out? Unfortunately, no such candy exists, but the folks at Hillside Candy have come awfully close with their “healthier-for-you” Go Naturally hard candies. These organic bad boys are […]