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Candy Review: Bosco Milk Chocolate Bars

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 bosco chocolate bar

According to the wrappers decorating the new Bosco milk chocolate bars, Bosco is “America’s most beloved chocolate syrup brand” and they’ve been making “memories since 1928”. Well, I was not around in 1928, so in order to review this chocolate properly, I decided to enlist the help of someone who was: my mother. Just kidding, she’s not that old, but she still came in pretty handy for this review. My mom grew up near Chicago and, indeed, remembered Bosco Chocolate Syrup. She said that she preferred to use it when making chocolate milk because, unlike traditional Hershey’s chocolate syrup, it was made with malt, and apparently malt makes the difference. I wondered if my Mom would enjoy the chocolate bar as much as the chocolate syrup she loved as a child, so I took my box-o’-chocolate home with me over spring break, and we got to eating.

Let me start by saying that the wrappers on the Bosco milk chocolate bars are awesome. They’re made of thick, hefty paper and beneath that first layer is another golden foil wrapper. I feel like Charlie freakin’ Bucket every time I tear into one. Something about the sound and feel of ripping paper gets me way more excited for candy than untwisting the flimsy plastic that most other candy is wrapped. But enough about presentation, let’s talk about the chocolate, shall we?    

The whopping 3.5 ounce bar of Bosco milk chocolate is divided into two rows of six pieces. The pieces are easy enough to break off, though, like most bars of chocolate, it’s better to break off two pieces at a time. If you try to snap off one lonely square, you’ll end up breaking the chocolate into several less-than-aesthetically-pleasing pieces. Speaking of single squares, the individual pieces of chocolate are pretty bulky. They’re thicker than the pieces from a Hershey’s chocolate bar, but they’re not nearly as brittle. The chocolate doesn’t melt easily, a fact I ascertained after rubbing a piece of the chocolate forcefully against my skin without any negative results, so that’s always a plus. Once I finally popped a piece in my mouth, I found that the chocolate was soft and chewy, and I don’t mean chewy like a Tootsie Roll. It’s kind of like chewing on a wad of freshly packed snow if you’ve ever done that before (and if you haven’t, I’m truly sorry that your childhood was such a bummer).

So how do Bosco milk chocolate bars taste? They taste a lot like milk chocolate. They’re sweet and creamy, but they’re also a bit heavy. I’m a guy that can down a lot of chocolate, but even I was pretty full after eating only one bar (though it’s a BIG bar). My mother thought they were delicious, but she said they didn’t quite capture the taste of the Bosco chocolate syrup she remembered having as a child. A quick glance at the wrapper revealed that malt, the special ingredient that set Bosco chocolate syrup apart from the other brands, was not an ingredient in the chocolate bars. If Bosco was aiming for nostalgia in the taste department, they missed their mark.

If milk chocolate is your thing, then the hefty Bosco milk chocolate bars will not disappoint you. As I mentioned earlier, my mom and I started out with a box of these things, and I’m currently down to one emergency-review bar. They might not bring back old memories for old Bosco fans, but they’ll certainly help shape new ones.

Candy Addict received this product as a sample from the manufacturer. No payment was received for this review and all opinions represent an unbiased view of the product.

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