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Candy Apps for iPhones, iPods, and iPads

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Have an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad? Now you never have to go anywhere without virtual candy! There are dozens of candy-themed apps for iPhones and iPads. Here are just a few of them:

iphone app cut the rope

Cut the Rope Lite – FREE

My kids call this “Candy Cut Rope.” Help get the candy to Om Nom, an adorable monster, in this addictive puzzle game that’s simple enough for kids to play, but complicated enough for adults to spend hours on. Cut the Rope Lite on iTunes.

Editor’s note: After playing the free lite version of Cut The Rope for about 5 minutes, I immediately bought the full version and it’s one of the best games I have on my iPhone (and I have TONS of games on my iPhone).

Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen – $.99

Whip up a virtual batch of candy with this app. Might be a good distraction if you are on a diet and can’t eat the real thing. Then again, it might make you want to make the real thing and eat it all! Candy Kitchen at iTunes.


iMunchies (Popcorn, Candy, Nuts) – $2.99

You can make popcorn and eat it with a virtual hand (that you can also use as an illusion to trick and delight your friends). Also comes with candy and nuts. Reviews are mixed, and the price seems kind of steep for the limited use of this app. Still, $3 is cheap for a joke you can play on friends over and over again! Probably more impressive in the 21st century than the trick gum that snaps your finger when you try to pull it out of the pack. iMunchies at iTunes.

Cupcakes app

Cupcakes! – $.99

Bake cupcakes from scratch, then frost them and add your choice of toppings, including an impressive selection of candy (and all the Jelly Belly beans you can fit on a cupcake!). When you’re done decorating your cupcake masterpiece, flick the wrapper off and eat it! Cupcakes! at iTunes.

As the parent of preschoolers, I can endorse this game whole-heartedly. It’s definitely a favorite in our household.

Candy Maniac Lite

Candy Maniac Lite – Free

A candy-themed puzzle game similar to Bejeweled (although you draw lines to similar candies, and they don’t have to be in a straight line). Candy Maniac Lite on iTunes.

Candy Crusher Lite

Candy Crusher Lite – Free

Another candy-themed puzzle game where you drop candy with a claw and try to match like-colored candies together. Candy Crusher Lite at iTunes.

Candy Classics App

Candy Classics – $.99

It’s basically a catalog of old timey candy favorites like Abba-Zaba and Beemans’s gum. The description says “touch the candy or shake the main screen and flip over a mystery goodie.” More importantly, you can order your candy favorites via the app and get a 10% discount on your retro candy order if you use the promo code iPhone. Candy Classics app at iTunes.

A few of these are new to me, but several of them are favorites in our family. Have you tried any of these apps? Or do you prefer other candy-themed apps not covered in this article? If so, please share. I need more sugar on my iPod!

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