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Name That Candy: Colorful candy disks

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We love to hear from our readers, so we jump at the chance to help out a fellow Candy Addict. We received an email from Al who was curious about a certain candy from his past and wondered if we knew anything about it. Well, of course we all know that curiosity is a cat killer and, in addition to candy, we like cats, too. So we’re saving the kitties and posting Al’s plea here to see if anyone can help.

When I was a kid in the 50′s, my parents bought this candy in boxes, about 12″ long x 1.5″ X 1.5″. The top of the box had a clear cellophane window through which you could see the edges of the colored candies inside. The candy was in the form of a disk, about 1.25″ in diameter and very thin, maybe 0.125″. The top of the disk was smooth and the edge curved down to the back which was ribbed. The disks were easily broken as the make-up must have been almost pure crystallized sugar. The box had about 5 colors and flavors ranging from orange (orange), to yellow (lemon), to green (wintergreen?) etc. etc.

Does anyone else remember this candy? Let us know!

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6 Responses to “Name That Candy: Colorful candy disks”

  1. 1
    neko says:

    Merrimints? They’re sold online at the Vermont Country Store if you want to check.

  2. 2
    Rosa says:

    Sounds similar to Necco Wafers.

  3. 3
    icemoosey says:

    I think I remember these – there were mint ones also. Seems to me we used to find them in Detroit at JL Hudsons. I haven’t thought of those in ages.

  4. 4
    cybele says:

    They go by a lot of different names, but Neko has one of them, Merrimints.

    Here’s a thread that’s been going on for years at – some folks have linked to photos and have sources for where to buy currently made versions.

  5. 5
    MissM says:

    Merrimints? Here’s an old advert:

  6. 6
    Bonnie says:

    It looks like Merrimints was the name of the candy! I think we made a happy Al! Thanks everyone for your input!

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