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Justin Bieber and Brenda Song share Vuvuzela Balls: a new candy from Haribo

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Vuvuzela Balls

Tween sensations Justin Bieber and Brenda Song are set to endorse a new candy from Haribo called Vuvuzela Balls. Now that the news is out of the way… what?! What kind of a name is that? It instinctively makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I know the vuvuzela is the loud horn thing that buzzed throughout the World Cup games, but still. The name is apparently not necessarily “a keeper” (soccer pun, I kill me) and could be changed. From a marketing perspective, I can see how naming the candy after the now popularized horn can be beneficial to Haribo. I don’t even follow soccer, and I knew what it was. Vuvuzela Balls are bound to catch someone’s attention and cause a double-take. But, still. Eh, I’m just not sure I can handle “Would you care for a Vuvuzela ball?” Ok, I wouldn’t talk about it, but I’d eat it.

The candy is described as resembling an M&M but more chocolaty, without a shell, and noisier. Funny, I’d never thought M&Ms were terribly obtrusive in volume, unlike the vuvuzela. Nevertheless, the yet to be released candy has piqued my curiosity and I hope to be reviewing it soon. You can bet your sweet Gummy Bear I’ll be trying one.

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5 Responses to “Justin Bieber and Brenda Song share Vuvuzela Balls: a new candy from Haribo”

  1. 1
    caitlin craisford says:

    it’s okey if justin bieber endorse that anyways he is charming and attracts people

  2. 2
    Vincentius Yufentus says:

    Nice Article, I am the biggest fan of Justin Bieber ( JB )

  3. 3
    Jackie West says:

    I have a thing about you Justin Bieber!

  4. 4
    Vinny says:

    Justin Bieber this, Justin Bieber that…. Now he’s he’s endorsing a candy?1 What has this world come to? I can’t stand that kid, and because of that: I won’t be purchasing this candy.

  5. 5
    Tim L says:

    Huh? The name doesn’t make any sense, unless you can blow them and make a noise like a Whistle Pop (anyone remember those?).

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