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Candy Review: Sunny Seed Drops Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

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Sunny Seed Drops

What do you eat when you’ve just returned from the dentist? Me, I eat chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in a rainbow of colors. (My mouth is still numb, if you must know the truth. I don’t know why you must, but you Candy Addict readers are relentlessly curious. At least, I like to think so.)

So now you’re thinking three things. 1) He must have had cavities filled. 2) He won’t be able to fully experience the candy I’ve entrusted him to review for me. 3) He’s insane. Two of those three are correct, but I’m not saying which.

Okay, so I like sunflower seeds. And I like chocolate. Let’s put them together and see what we get.

Hey these are pretty tasty. The sunflower seeds are un-roasted, and have no salt. They’re good. And the coating is the right amount of chocolate, such that you get a good balance of seed and cocoa sweetness. The chocolate has cocoa butter, yum. And the coating has Titanium Dioxide, hmm. And various artificial colors. Less yum. (The Sunflower Food and Spice Co. also makes an all-natural version of these candies; I didn’t see those at World Market but I would have preferred to buy them.)

The package has a nice re-closeable lid, by the way: perfect for feeding a few candies into your mouth at a time. The package also reminds us that sunflower seeds are an excellent source of B vitamins, vitamin E and Selenium (antioxidants), Folic Acid, Zinc, protein and fiber. The seeds also have natural phytosterols (said to lower cholesterol), and no trans fat. Surround all that with chocolate and you’ve got a better treat than many I could name.

So I’m giving these a sunny thumbs up. They’re just the thing, really, to help a person recover from a trip to the dentist. Now where’s my new Sonicare?

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