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Candy Review: Nimm2 Lach Gummi Treats

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Nimm2 Lach Gummi Joghurt

Perhaps it’s the attitude of people; relaxed, fun-loving and carefree. It could also be the weather; warm sun, long days, blooming flora, etc. More than likely it’s a combination of both. Whatever the cause, something about summer really gets me in the mood for fruity candy. Soft, hard, sticky, ooey, gooey, gummi – fruit flavored sweets tend to be a personal favorite during the long warm days.

This summer, I’ve been particularly interested in gummi fruit candy. Living in Munich, Germany fruit is always on my mind as I walk by the open-air fruit stands scattered abundantly throughout the city. Of course, I pass on the natural fruit – equally great in flavor and nutrition – and I head straight (bee line, really) for sugar… processed.

One candy I’ve become quite fond of is Storck’s Nimm2 Lach Gummi, a fruit flavored gummi treat with various gummi flavors to choose from – all nice for a warm summer sugar rush. Available for consumption are Joghurt (Yogurt), Frucht & Joghurt (Fruit & Yogurt), Frucht (Fruit), and Sauer (Sour).

Nimm2 Lach Gummi is a well known candy producer headquartered in Berlin. A product of August Storck KG, Nimm2 has been producing fruit flavored candy since 1962.

All Nimm2 gummies are enjoyable. However, my first encounter with the gummies I wasn’t sure. The candies seemed different… good different, perhaps, but I really couldn’t tell. So, I bought more… and ate more – an entire bag. The voracious behavior yielded an affirmative conclusion. These gummies are terrific, with my personal favorite being the Nimm2 Lach Gummi Joghurt and Nimm2 Lach Gummi Frucht & Joghurt coming in a close second.

To be sure, these are not your kid brother’s candies. On the sweetness Richter scale these register as a three (10 being the highest). The first plop in the mouth and my palette recounted scary memories as a child of the fake low-sugar candies my babysitter used to hawk so we wouldn’t trash the house in a crazed candy-induced sugar high. However, after the third or fourth piece and a little self-reflection, the flavor in these candies came out remarkably well. The moderate sugar sensation lent itself to massive quantity consumption as it behaved like a light gentle massage to my starved sugar receptors. These treats are the John Wayne of the candy world – cool and steady and in no rush to make a grand appearance.

The Lach Gummi Joghurt gummies have an extremely soft texture – each one nearly melts in your mouth. They have a pastel yogurt-like color and delightful fruit shape with corresponding flavors: cherry, orange, lemon, lime and strawberry. And, as one might believe when eating something with yogurt, these candies provide a nutritional benefit. Each 100 grams of Lach Gummi Joghurt candy contain needed daily vitamins” 30% of a person’s daily vitamin C, 87% Niacin, 103% vitamin E, 123% Pantothenic Acid, 75% vitamin B6, 100% Biotin and 110% vitamin B12. (For those of you who read my last article on Haribo Saft Goldbaeren, this seems to be a pattern…. Another potentially healthy candy?)

The Lach Gummi Frucht & Joghurt have an interesting combination. One half of each piece is gummi and the other half yogurt. They have a darker gummi color and the yogurt side is white opaque. The yogurt is firm yet soft, almost of marshmallow consistency. It isn’t overly chewy; the yogurt side nearly dissolves in your mouth while the gummi side lasts longer. All flavors available in the Joghurt are also available in the Frucht & Joghurt, and the nutritional benefit is similar; all vitamins and daily amounts are the same per 100 grams except the Frucht & Joghurt do not contain vitamin C – a strange coincidence because I would think the ones with fruit would have the Vitamin C, but this is what the package tells me.

So, for all the fellow Candy Addicts and sugar junkies looking for a swell summertime candy, Nimm2 Lach Gummi treats are a terrific fix. Each treat is sweet, flavorful, unique and – once more – healthy? Perhaps we can have our cake – or should I say lollipop – and get to eat it too.

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    Maureen Skidmore says:

    I have been so curious about these for so many years. I wondered what they would taste like but was always a bit afraid to waste my money when i could just grab something better. Gotta try it soon!

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