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Candy Review: Mike and Ike Berry Blast 2009

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Mike and Ike Berry Blast

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

At the All Candy Expo, Mike and Ike shared some of their new flavors of 2009. For those of you who are Mike and Ike fans, you might be wondering why I’m reviewing the Berry Blast flavor as new when we already reviewed it in 2007. Well, Mike and Ike have updated the Berry Blast to include some new goodies. You get the same Mike and Ike consistency and texture, just a different mix of flavors.

Blueberry: This dark blue candy has an artificial blueberry flavor that lacks the mixed sweet-tartness of a more genuine blueberry experience. Instead, the emphasis here is on sweetness.

Blue Raspberry: Not to be confused with the darker blue Mike and Ikes, the light blue candies are a blue raspberry flavor. These were the strongest flavor in the bunch – as soon as I put one in my mouth I could taste the blue raspberry before I even started chewing. The flavor here wasn’t as sweet as the blueberry, offering a little more complexity.

Strawberry: The pink strawberry candies reminded me of strawberry-flavored bubble gum. These candies started out a bit tangy but quickly became all about the sweet, artificial strawberry flavor.

Wild Berry: Since this flavor is called “wild” berry, I expected the flavor to be, if not actually wild, really strong. Instead, this purple candy was really mild, bordering on bland. It had a vague berry flavor with no outstanding characteristics.

Peach Berry: For some reason, the peach berry flavor reminded me of those peach-scented scratch-n-sniff stickers I used to play with as a kid. These orange candies were very mild, with more of an emphasis on the peach than the berry.

When I tried a bunch of the flavors all at once, I got a sweet, nonspecific berry taste. But the berry flavor ran out at the end, and I was left with a sweet, chewy candy at the finish.

Overall, these candies are an interesting change from the regular Mike and Ikes. For Mike and Ike fans, these will add some variety to their Mike and Ike experience.

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