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Candy Review: Disney 80 Calorie Mini Milk Chocolate Snacks

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Disney 80 Calorie Snack Bags

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

I don’t know what it is with me this spring – first I reviewed Barbie chocolates, and now I’m chowing down with Disney. Courtesy of the All Candy Expo stash, I got to try these whimsical little chocolates before they hit the market.

As it turns out, you get a three-tiered Disney bonanza with these babies.

Flavor: These are surprisingly good milk chocolates. They reminded me of Hershey’s Kisses. The chocolates are a little bit on the sweet side but follow through with a nice solid chocolate flavor with no weird coconut flavor or odd aftertaste. The texture isn’t as creamy as a Kiss; it’s a little more chewy. I was surprised at how satisfying these were – one package was plenty.

Packaging: Leave it to Disney to have decent marketing! These cute babies come in Disney-themed wrappers, with images to appeal to both girls and boys. My wrappers had Disney Princesses on one and a car from Pixar’s Cars on the other. But wait! There’s more! The chocolates themselves were shaped like Disney Princesses and, you guessed it, Cars. I’m so sorry to tell you that I totally fell for it – eating the really cute chocolates somehow makes them more fun.

Calorie Control: For those parents monitoring their kids’ sugar intake, or for those of us monitoring our own sugar intake, these little packs are very convenient.

Overall, I think these will be a hit with big kids and little kids alike. You get plenty of flavor, plenty of whimsy, and a limit on your sugar guilt, all wrapped up with a nice Disney bow.

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