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Candy Review: Baby Ruth Crisp

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Baby Ruth Crisp

Candy Addicts everywhere praised Nestle when it released its Nestle Crunch Crisp and Butterfinger Crisp, wafer spin-offs of the classic confections. It seemed only a matter of time until the gurus at Nestle decided to take their next most popular candy bar and give it a “Crisp” makeover.

That’s right. Baby Ruth. The All Candy Expo did not disappoint when I ambled by the Nestle booth and spotted this not-yet-released candy that is supposed to debut this year.

There weren’t any full-sized bars to sample, and I was only allowed to grab one snack-sized piece; luckily, the Expo is three days, and I was able to procure three of those small treats and report on them.

Baby Ruth Crisp Interior

You can see peanuts on top of the candy square, which was unexpected, since I thought the wafer would take up too much room for there to be any actual visible peanut pieces embedded. Despite its small stature, these babies waft a potent and delicious aroma, just like a regular Baby Ruth bar.

Biting into it, you get hit with a nice textural juxtaposition from the crisp wafers, the peanut slices on top (slices, not actual chunks as indicated initially), and the soft chocolate coating.

The flavor is spot-on for a Baby Ruth, except it doesn’t have the same level of caramel due to the wafers, and there is a heightened flavoring of salt in the piece to compensate for the lack of peanuts, which I thought really enhanced the taste.

I think these are great, and will appeal especially to those who like the taste of Baby Ruths, but aren’t fans of all those peanuts lodged in them. Personally, I like peanuts and caramel, so the original is my preference in this case, but stacked against the other two Crisp choices, hands down Baby Ruth Crisp is my favorite of the three.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Baby Ruth Crisp”

  1. 1
    Cheryl says:

    Fantastic! I’d love to see them come out with some premium candies with excellent chocolate!

  2. 2
    Beck says:

    Oooh, sounds good! I love the other Crisp bars, so I’m anxious to try this. Good review!

  3. 3
    Cadence says:

    These sound tasty but I have a feeling I’m gonna miss the peanuts. Still worth a try, though!

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