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Candy Review: Star Trek Gummies

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Star Trek Gummies

You may remember that we mentioned Star Trek Gummies a while back. Well, I finally had my chance to try them at the All Candy Expo and found them delightful.

After introducing myself, a very pleasant gentleman offered to give me a box so I could write a review when I got home. Of course, it turned out that another guy at the booth was completely against the idea – they didn’t have enough, they were sold out, blah blah blah. Nice Guy overrode Mean Guy, though, and slipped me a box so I could revel in the gummy yumminess. (Then he had to tell another lady who wasn’t a preeminent candy reviewer that she couldn’t have any – hah!)

Anyway, I must say that first tastes did not deceive. These are absolutely delicious gummies. Two colors/flavors are included, both in the shape of the uniform patch from the original Star Trek (in later series, that patch is a communicator… but I’m showing my geekiness again). Red seems to be strawberry, and is a wonderful, sweet, fruity morsel. Blue is, I believe, raspberry, and is nearly as good as the strawberry.

The best thing about these gummies? They’re soft. I’m talking really really soft. And the perfect size, too. The patch is very well executed, with enough detail to be able to easily tell what it is, even when they’re slightly misshapen from Florida heat (see the red one above). Honestly, they’re a pleasure to eat. The only downside? There’s not enough in the box! I need more!

So if you’re off to see the new Star Trek movie again (because let’s face it, what are the odds there are geeks out there who haven’t seen it yet – except myself sob), see if you can track down a box of these beauties. Your Spock-eared friends will be so jealous!

I have no idea where you can buy these online, but the website says you can contact them to find someplace local to you that might be carrying their products. Good luck!

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One Response to “Candy Review: Star Trek Gummies”

  1. 1
    laurie says:

    I’m going to see the Star Trek movie with my Trek-obsessed sister on the weekend (I would have seen it sooner if I hadn’t been in Chicago). Too bad I didn’t have the patience to wrangle a box of these out of the booth people…

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