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Candy Craft: Gum Pops

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Gum Pops

With spring trying desperately to make itself known, I thought it would be nice to try another of Beth Kimmerle’s crafty candy creations (say that ten times fast!). Today I bring you gum pops, fun treats that are easy to make, fun for kids (and adults!), and great for the season.

Spring Gum Pops

Wow your friends at your next get together by using candy molds and your favorite chewing gums to make custom-themed gum lollipops. Pick up an assortment of candy mold shapes at baking or craft supply stores and grab your favorite Wrigley’s gum before letting your imagination run wild!

The finished creation can be bundled together for a beautiful and edible centerpiece or used individually as party favors!

You will need
1. Plastic candy mold
2. Several softened sticks of gum
3. Lollipop sticks
4. Vegetable oil or non-stick spray

Gum color recommendations
1. Juicy Fruit for yellow
2. 5 Elixir and Lush for pink and orange
3. Extra Fruit Sensations Berry Paradise for purple
4. Extra Spearmint for green
5. Hubba Bubba Max Island Punch for blue and green

1. Clean and dry plastic molds. Using vegetable oil or non-stick spray, lightly grease inside mold cavities. Set molds aside.

2. Unwrap and soften stick gum by kneading in the palm of your hand. The amount of gum you will need depends on mold size but start by kneading several sticks at a time and once soft, place and press firmly into mold cavity. If more gum is needed, repeat steps until mold is completely filled. The softer the gum the better. Try a brand like Juicy Fruit for best results.

3. To transform molded shapes into lollipops, lay sticks along the back of the mold and cover with additional pieces of softened gum.

4. Once molds are filled and sticks are in place, give each a final press and place in refrigerator for about one hour or until gum is completely hardened. Once chilled, remove plastic molds, gently ease gum shape from cavity and enjoy!

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