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Candy Review: Dove Easter Eggs

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Dove Milk Chocolate Eggs

Whenever I want to eat eggs for breakfast, I usually have to leave the house to do so, as the smell of eggs cooking makes my poor fiance sick. However! My fiance’s aversion to eggs does not extend to chocolate eggs, thank goodness, which means our house becomes an egg-filled wonderland of chocolaty goodness each Easter season. For the egg-shaped candy is the staple of Easter sweets; bypassing even the chocolate bunny over the past few years as the go-to shape for deliciousness. The trick is separating the truly delicious chocolate eggs from the eggs that deserve to go down Willy Wonka’s Eggdicator shoot. Lucky for you, I’m here to help.

I have eaten nearly every type of chocolate in the universe, and I have to say, often the loveliest chocolates are the ones you can buy right in the drug store. It seems a bit wacky to say, but the higher-end chocolate eggs I’ve eaten usually come off as a bit waxy or bitter. Throughout the year, when I need a simple chocolate fix, I keep two staples in my dish: Hershey’s Bliss Milk Chocolate Meltaways, and Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. Both candies are delicious, readily available, and perfectly milky and sweet. So my hopes were high when I received a box of Dove Milk and Dark Chocolate Easter eggs.

The Dove Milk Chocolate Easter eggs are perfect (aside from an annoying foil wrapper that takes WAY too long to remove); the chocolate is the same as your standard Dove Promise: rich, milky, with a touch of sweetness that helps to keep the chocolate from coming off as too decadent or chalky. The eggs are smaller than a typical Dove Promise, but they are delicious and surely a welcome addition to any Easter basket or candy bowl.

The Dark Chocolate Almond Easter eggs, however, weren’t nearly as good; the dark chocolate, for some reason, isn’t as smooth as a Dark Chocolate Dove Promise; perhaps the addition of the roasted almonds tips the candy towards the bitter scale. The overly roasted flavor of the almonds doesn’t mesh well with the dark chocolate; there is a sweetness that is sorely missed here.

Dove also makes giant bunnies and eggs in their signature chocolate; I’d recommend the milk chocolate, as it’s a creamy, lovely candy experience that is worth breaking into, piece by piece. Willy Wonka’s Eggdicator would certainly approve.

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