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Candy Review: Somebody’s Mother’s Caramel and White Chocolate Sauces

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Somebodys Mothers chocolate and caramel sauces
I recently reviewed Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce over at our sister site, Snackerrific. When Somebody’s Mother sent two more smart little jars of her caramel and white chocolate varieties, the consensus around here was to share this sweet news with our loyal Candy Addicts.

What comes to mind when you think about chocolate sauce? Perhaps thin dark liquids from a can or plastic bottle poured over ice cream or into a glass of milk and stirred vigorously? Well, cast those memories aside. Forever.

The caramel sauce right out of the jar had the familiar and obvious consistency of warm caramel, while the white chocolate sauce was a bit thinner and drippier. Both were creamy and sweet. The caramel reminded me of melted Sugar Babies, with a pleasant bite accompanying the sweetness. I popped two tablespoonfuls into a bowl, microwaved it for ten seconds and was rewarded with a velvety smooth topping for ice cream. This sauce tastes amazing with almost any fruit or sweet vegetable you can imagine, but my favorite indulgence was straight from the jar that had been chilled overnight.

The white chocolate was a bit too subtle for my liking, and at room temperature it was closer to buttercream frosting. Again, chilled was the way to go, with only a spoon for accompaniment. Warmed in the microwave, this sauce got a bit lost when paired with ice cream or fruit. Slathered over a pretzel, however, made an appreciable difference, the salt somehow accentuating the white chocolate.

With so many ways to enjoy them, you really can’t go wrong with Somebody’s Mother’s sauces.

One caveat: You could very well over-indulge and be sorry for it – heavy cream, sugar and butter are the prominent ingredients. This is high-octane deliciousness in a deceptively innocent little jar, so take it easy.

Based in Texas, Somebody’s Mother (a.k.a. Lynn Lasher) and her three children launched the company four years ago featuring the sauce made years before by Somebody’s Mother’s Mother.

Also, check out the “Lidlits:”
Somebody's Mother's Lidlits
Each jar lid features a different pithy and motherly saying from the likes of Wilma Rudolph, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Pablo Picasso, and Somebody’s Tired Mother.

Editor’s Note: The white chocolate version contains a small amount of pear brandy, which initially worried me, since I tend to absolutely despise anything even vaguely alcoholic. Well, rest assured, you can’t taste the alcohol in it. There’s a very mild hint of something, but it’s more a pear flavor than anything else. I thought the white chocolate was absolutely fabulous; despite a relatively mild flavor overall, there were a lot of subtle underlying flavors that I really enjoyed. If you like white chocolate, you should definitely give this one a try!

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