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Candy Review: Bali’s Best Tea Candy, Classic Iced Tea

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Bali’s Best Tea Candy Classic Iced Tea

Remarkable candy at an inexpensive price is pretty hard to come by on its own. But try finding a product that isn’t considered mainstream. Well, that just seems impossible. But despite the challenge, it is one that I relish.

Lately, the weather in Austin has been lovely, so I find myself taking random strolls in my neighborhood after work. On a recent occasion, I stumbled past an independent grocery. A nice fact I have discovered in my pursuing of candy over the years is that independent chains often stock items that are normally uncommon.

This grocery was no exception. Their candy aisle consisted of various local and international products. But what to choose? Well, because it was seventy-something degrees outside, when I spotted Bali’s Best Tea Candy: Classic Iced Tea, I couldn’t refuse. I mean, candy plus iced tea on a hot day equals yay!

The bag cost me $2.50, but I am guessing they’re probably cheaper elsewhere since independent stores have a higher markup on their products.

The pieces are smooth amber discs, similar to a Creme Saver, but twice as large. The surface is without blemish and has no stick factor. If nothing else, these look spectacular.

Though it lacked a pungent smell, the flavor reveals itself instantly. It begins with a strong wave of honey that abates with notes of a nice cup of tea (not flavored tea, just the regular herb concoction used for iced tea).

The honey part is rich, but oddly not overwhelming, and couples wonderfully with the inherent bitterness of the tea. I don’t know how this resembles iced tea, but as far as shooting for a glass of tea at room temperature, it hits the mark. These are apparently infused with real tea extracts, which is supposedly loaded with antioxidants, so there might even be some health bonuses as well.

I absolutely adore these. They aren’t heavy and they bring such a novel flavor to the hard candy world by utilizing a taste that most of us are familiar with. They avoid the pitfalls of too much sugar, and instead opt for an assortment of flavors to appease the tongue. You might not be too familiar with Bali’s Best, but rest assured, if a candy’s taste is indicative of its success, you’ll be sure to be hearing a lot more about them.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Bali’s Best Tea Candy, Classic Iced Tea”

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    Tim says:

    I agree, these tiny gems are fantastic! The flavor is so rich and complex. I’d love to see a whole line of gourmet tea flavors – On the green tea front, Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, and Matcha would be excellent. Other great black tea flavors would be Earl Grey, Chai Masala, and maybe even Russian Caravan or Lapsang Souchong for the daring! They could even branch into white and oolong varieties!

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