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Candy Review: Chutazo Chocolate Eggnog Soccer Balls

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Chutazo Box

From the folks at Ricolino, who brought you the fun-to-say Bubu Lubu candy bar, comes Chutazo! Chocolate soccer balls filled with “eggnog” flavored goo.

Chutazo Interior

Chutazos are the sporty cousins of Cadbury Eggs with less of the immediate cavity-inducing filling. The Chutazo goo is paltry compared to the Cadbury version, and closer to the color of an egg yolk rather than the contents of a child’s snot-filled Kleenex. If you close your eyes tightly enough the Chutazo filling does taste vaguely of eggnog, with a sustained almond note. Not bad, actually, once you get past the cheap-o chocolate.

I give them props for realistic soccer ball foil covering and seam-imprinted chocolate orb. They’re actually fun.

Chutazo Package

The package even contains instructions (in Spanish, verdad?) for constructing your very own soccer goal diorama.

In my experiment, the golden girl soccer trophy figure scored on her first penalty kick. Through it all, the good-natured Chutazo goalie mascot smiled gamely despite being totally whipped by a girl. What a trooper!

Chutazo Goal

And what about the name: Chutazo? After exhaustive research I’ve discovered that it means “a fierce shot on goal,” as in futbol/football/soccer, depending on your country of origin.

The package of 20 balls set me back $3.99, but it was worth it.

Chocolate + goo + futbol = GOOOOOOOOOOAALLLLLL!

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Chutazo Chocolate Eggnog Soccer Balls”

  1. 1
    laurie says:

    Why eggnog? There doesn’t seem to be anything christmasy about these. Perhaps in Spanish-speaking countries, it’s customary to chug eggnog at soccer/football games instead of beer?

  2. 2
    Santiago says:

    Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps it’s the closest thing to the Cadbury Egg they could think of, and maybe it loses something in the translation. Low-brow as the Chutazos are, I rather enjoyed them.

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