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Candy News: Steve Almond Is At It Again

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Candyfreak Book

Steve Almond first brought to the attention to thousands of candy addicts across the world what he considered to be the best regional candy in America. This list was detailed in his travels across the U.S., as he visited various confectionery companies, and then writing about his experience in the Candy Addict’s bible, Candyfreak.

Steve’s highlights include Big Hunk, Idaho Spud, Peanut Chews, GooGoo Clusters, Valomilk, and Twin Bing. But after listening to Addicts across the world, he has compiled a new list of regional candy favorites.

So what does Steve think we should all be adding to our list of must-have candy? Check it out:

Moose Munch Bar by Harry and David

S’mores by Sarris Candies

Awesome Nut and Chew Bar by See’s Candy

Assorted Chocolates by Moonstruck

Nut Goodie by Pearson’s Candy Company

Blue Monday Bar
by Ruth Hunt Candies

Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Chips
by Sanders Candy

Modjeska by Schimpff’s Confectionery

Jelly Bellys by Jelly Belly

I have had the opportunity to consume Moose Munch bars, which I thought was an overpriced Crack Jack candy bar, the Awesome Nut and Chew Bar, which is superb, and Jelly Bellys (I am not sure how these qualify as regional since they’re sold everywhere).

I’m two-thirds through the original list from Candyfreak, but unless you are willing to buy most of these products online, you have to snoop around with a bit of luck to unearth them if you don’t live where they’re produced. So hopefully when I finish that list, I can move on to this one. If nothing else, who doesn’t enjoy a candy scavenger hunt across the U.S.?

If I had to suggest a regional favorite, it would be Atkinson Candy, specifically the Peanut Butter Bars. What are some of the hidden treasures in the world manufactured in your backyard that you feel the rest of us should know about?

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