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Candy Review: SweeTARTS Hearts

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SweeTARTS Hearts

Certain candies catch my eye during the holidays that I normally avoid consuming throughout the regular year. Why? Well, by the time you gulp down whatever candy you just bought, chances are it has been sitting on a shelf for quite some time. I mean, I always see gas stations stocking limited edition bars made years ago.

However, since holiday candy is seasonal, you’re more likely to purchase a product that is fresher. And with the rare exception, candy tastes better the less it ages.

So while perusing the Valentine’s Day candy aisle at Walgreens, I spotted Wonka’s SweeTARTS Hearts. Actually, it was pretty hard to miss them with the festive packaging of blue and pink swirled in a very Wonka style. If I can find fresh SweeTARTS, I usually enjoy them, so I figured there could be great potential in these. Plus, they only cost 50 cents.

Like conversation hearts of many varieties, these were boxed in those tiny packages that make it easy for kids to give to one another at school. Looking at the pieces, they are roughly the same size as the Necco version, but there are obvious differences.

Aesthetically speaking, these are quite marmoreal compared to the chalky surface of the Necco variety. Also, while Necco scribbles their messages on top of their candy, SweeTARTS Hearts are etched, meaning their sayings are immaculately presented and easily legible. As far sayings go, my hearts included “Be Mine,” “Yes,” “Love Ya,” “Kiss Me,” and “I’m Yours.”

Green: The flavor is sour apple that is strong and tangy. There is a satisfying blend of Granny Smith flavor, fresh apple juice, and a hint of artificial flavor. The combination was fantastic because it decided to take the route of presenting an apple flavor with hints of tartness, as opposed to how most candies go for tart and then infuse a little apple. My favorite of the bunch.

Purple: This piece is grape. The grape flavor is a blend of grape soda and Hubba Bubba. There’s even a slight fizz quality to the piece making me think of Bottle Caps, but far more refined in flavor. Very tasty.

Pink: Probably cherry or strawberry, but I wasn’t sure because there was no specific flavor manifesting, just a general floral essence mixed with citrus.

Blue: Though easily identifiable to the tongue as blue raspberry, it’s not as bold of a flavor as the other pieces. What little flavor is there is the standard blue raspberry sort I dislike, so I didn’t much care for it. This piece was particularly hard on the throat.

None of the flavors were the same consistency, some being firmer and/or chalkier than the others. I did enjoy these, specifically the grape and apple, but I didn’t finish the tiny box in one sitting because they were just too overwhelming and burned my throat two-thirds through. Because of their intensity, I suggest sharing these with your valentine, or eating them in two sittings.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: SweeTARTS Hearts”

  1. 1
    maxo says:

    I’m pretty sure those would be standard sweetart flavors, so I think red is cherry and blue is fruit punch. I would expect orange to be in there too, you sometimes have to look hard to see them in the reds though.

  2. 2
    cybele says:

    The blue one, when introduced, I think was punch. Which might have been the nineties version of blue raspberry. My favorite flavors are lemon & grape, so I don’t usually pick up the Valentine’s ones … unless they’re absurdly cheap.

  3. 3
    Robby says:

    Maxo and Cybele– would have never guessed it was fruit punch! Maybe my eyes are so accustomed to anything blue being blue raspberry that they convince my tongue otherwise!

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