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Candy Review: Cadbury Chocolate Bars

While on a mission at my local Ralph’s, ostensibly for drinks and cleaning supplies, I decided to make a detour into the candy aisle. I didn’t expect to buy anything, as I’m fond of spending as little as possible, and only tend to indulge in my sweeter passions when they come at a decidedly inexorbitant […]

Candy Review: Dark Secrets Dark Chocolate Bar

It’s a new year, and don’t you think it’s time to try a dark chocolate from New Zealand? Of course you do. I noticed this black package with a silhouetted girl whispering into a man’s ear. The motto on the front reads: “The Best Secrets are Like Chocolate, Dark and Only Shared with Someone You […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

(Image from BuhSnarf at Flickr) The only white chocolate bar that has successfully managed to find a niche in mainstream candy aisles is Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme. Yes, I know there are other products out there like Zero, but they are very regional in distribution. I am not so sure what makes the Cookies ‘n’ […]

Candy Review: Paul Pape Chocomiis

Last year we brought you news of Paul Pape’s adorable Valentine Chocolate Miis. This year we got the pleasure of reviewing some of the early just-off-the-press samples! There have been some design changes since last year – apparently, some of the Miis didn’t arrive in great shape, so now they’re on a slab of chocolate […]

Candy Review: Archie McPhee Mints & Maggots

Yesterday I heard words I’ve never heard another human being speak. Ever. Not even Andrew Zimmern. “Mmmm, these maggots are delicious!” Maybe Zimmern has said this, but I’ve never made it more than five minutes into his show before changing channels. I’m more of an Anthony Bourdain guy. But I digress. From the wacky folks […]