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Candy Review: Schooner Pete’s Peppermint Taffy

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Schooner Pete’s Peppermint Taffy

As I strolled down the River Walk of San Antonio, I had some unexpected surprises. It began when I bumped into a teacher from my high school days, an oddity since we are both Californians. The second was a surprise of the tastier variety.

Popping into one of the candy shops along the river, I found a collection of Schooner Pete’s Salt Water Taffy. Like my former American Government teacher, this taffy was a rare find in Texas, much less San Antonio, since it’s manufactured in Oregon, and I don’t usually find stores that stock it outside that region.

Because it was around Christmas when this all occurred, I purchased a bag of the peppermint taffy. I figured I hadn’t gotten around to consuming all that much peppermint this time of year in my attempt to try out different types of candy canes.

The pieces are standard taffy size and entirely white sans the red stripes on the edges. Though not particularly decorative, I found their simplicity quite beautiful.

The smell is potent like no other, as if someone opened a bottle of peppermint oil. Despite the pungency, the taste is rather contained, as there is no burning sensation of the throat one might expect from a strong peppermint candy. Instead, the essence of peppermint coats your mouth like a mint in a refreshing way.

As a piece of taffy, the surface is sticky to the touch, but the actual chew isn’t. Also somewhat an anomaly for taffy, the piece sticks to itself rather than to your teeth (think chewing gum for an example), so you don’t lose the size of the candy until you swallow.

Like most taffy, the flavor dissipates before the actual candy does. However, it wasn’t a problem here since the peppermint’s presence stayed in my mouth even when it was removed from the candy, and thus I wasn’t just chewing on a flavorless white glob.

I enjoyed these, but actually felt satisfied eating only a few pieces. Peppermint is the sort of flavor I enjoy sparsely, so a whole bag of these seemed unnecessary. I do like these as a peppermint candy if nothing else, and they serve as great mints. If I ever throw some sort of dinner soirée at my house, these would be the perfect after-dinner mints.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Schooner Pete’s Peppermint Taffy”

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    Jeni says:

    Taffy s one of the finest confections on earth. A good piece of peppermint taffy is fairly easy to come by, but that doesn’t diminish the level of enjoyment.

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