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Candy Review: Hershey’s Cherry Cream Bell

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Cream Bell Wrapped

For many Candy Addicts, the most wonderful time of the year isn’t Christmas – it’s the post-Christmas sale season (what businesses here in Canada refer to as “Boxing Week,” the natural extension of the traditional Boxing Day sale). Boxing Week is an excellent opportunity to compensate for a disappointing Christmas by buying what you really wanted at crazy-low sale prices – and that goes for candy as well. Stale candy canes? Mockolate Santa that might just be left over from last Christmas? Make up for it by buying yourself a nice box of Ferrero Rochers or Lindors at 50% off.

I actually had a very good candy Christmas (which you will see the evidence of in future reviews), but like many people, I can’t resist a bargain, even when I’ve already got a heap of Christmas chocolates at home. And so, I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of these Hershey’s Cherry Cream Bells – 31 cents each at my local Wal-Mart (yeah, yeah, I know).

Usually chocolate items like this are filled with marshmallow, but in the case of the similar Whipped Creme Santa I just reviewed, “creme” meant a smooth, sticky marshmallow creme. (Hershey’s managed to get away with the proper spelling of “cream” for this item, perhaps due to the presence of actual milk ingredients.) I was expecting something similar from this item – with, of course, cherry flavor, but wasn’t overlooking the possibility that it was one big chocolate-covered fondant cherry cluster either. I like chocolate-covered cherries – but not necessarily ones as big as my palm.

Whatever was inside, I took comfort from the fact that the individual on the package seems to be utterly thrilled with his/her giant Cream Bell. I’m not sure if that’s an elf or a beardless Santa or Mrs. Claus or what, but I hoped that someone wearing such stylish gold boots wouldn’t steer me wrong.

The Cream Bell is a less ambitious shape than the ubiquitous chocolate-covered marshmallow Santa, which often turns out as more of a chocolate-covered marshmallow blob. The bell shape is easily recognizable, even if it’s somewhat lumpy and bloomed in places.

Cream Bell Unwrapped

It has a nice chocolate/cherry scent, like cherry cordials. When I bit into it, I found that it contained neither marshmallow nor actual cherries, just a pink cherry fondant center covered in what the package calls “rich chocolate,” but is dark enough to pass for dark chocolate. Fondants aren’t my favorite type of chocolates, but this one isn’t bad – rather than being harsh with artificial fruit notes, it has a mellow maraschino cherry flavor, almost more almond than cherry. It has a firm, yet fluffy texture and, when eaten in small bites, isn’t sweet enough to make my throat burn.

In all, not a bad item, particularly if you like fondants. However, its lack of marshmallow means I have, once again, been thwarted in getting my chocolate-coated marshmallow fix for this season. Good thing everything’s still 50% off.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Hershey’s Cherry Cream Bell”

  1. 1
    Robby says:

    i’ve only ever been able to find strawberry creme candies for christmas… i’ll have to keep my eye peeled for cherry ones next year.

  2. 2
    Cadence says:

    Glad you got a good post-Christmas stash. I went to Target too late and found the candy locusts had been there ahead of me. Ah well, next year.

    By the way, huge congrats on your Food Candy coup. You rock!

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