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Candy Review: Fannie May Cubbies Bar

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Cubbies Bar Wrapper

In case you don’t remember, the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005, sweeping the Houston Astros four games to none.

The Chicago Cubs recently won the World Series, too, in 1908, when they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Yet, when I stopped into my local grocery store earlier this year, what did I find in the Fannie May case but a spiffy looking chocolate bar named Cubbies. Interesting, I thought. Maybe I’ll try a White Sox bar. I dug through the case. But, wouldn’t you know it? No White Sox bar.

There are two kinds of White Sox fans in Chicago. Those who support the Pale Hose and don’t pay much attention to the Cubs and those who really hate the Cubbies and wish them nothing but the worst.

I’m one of those second kind of White Sox fans.

So it killed me to see that the Cubbies, who’ve managed to avoid the World Series for 100 years now, had their own Fannie May bar while the White Sox did not.

It also kills me to report that, hatred of the Cubs notwithstanding, I’d buy another Cubbies bar in a second.

I know the Cubbies bar is merely standard Fannie May milk chocolate with a new wrapper slapped on it. But, that Fannie May chocolate is special. I remember my dad bringing home the giant Fannie May heart the day after Valentine’s Day every year. (My dad’s no dummy. The price of a Fannie May heart is much, much lower on Feb. 15. My dad’s no romantic, either, but that’s a different story for a different blog.) We’d gobble through that rich chocolate in hours, leaving behind only the wretched strawberry creme.

In short, Fannie May chocolate is really good. The Cubbies bar is really good, too, though it might be hard to find if you happen to live in New York City, St. Louis, Minneapolis or anywhere else where the Cubs don’t play. If you do stumble upon one of these bars left over from the recently concluded baseball season, don’t hesitate to pick it up. And if you’re a fan of good baseball, if you like teams that actually think about winning the World Series once a century or so, rip off that label fast. The chocolate is a winner. Too bad the Cubbies aren’t.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Fannie May Cubbies Bar”

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    Cait- GO WHITE SOX says:

    Best. Review. Ever. Love Fannie May chocolate…. hate the Cubs.

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