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Candy Review: Texas Chocolate Lady

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Texas Chocolate Lady Van Gogh

As I have mentioned before, I frequently make deliveries to various businesses in downtown Austin for work. One of the interesting things about it this time of year is that the lobbies of these hotels, offices, and skyscrapers are littered with merchants. It’s like a mini-bazaar of people selling jewelry, candles, and clothing as convenient holiday gifts.

None of these things really pique my interest, and I normally just brush right past them. However, on a recent trip to the twenty-second floor of 301 Congress, one little table caught my eye. It was a display of artisan chocolates. I hurried to the elevator to make my delivery so that I could quickly come back down and review the products for sale.

Upon my return, I noticed a stunning collection. There were molded chocolates designed for Christmas and wine bottles matched with wine glasses that were both decorated in a chocolate coating so that you could enjoy a drink and nibble on some Belgian chocolate concurrently. But the highlight of the table by far proved to be a series of molded chocolates that were depictions of paintings.

Texas Chocolate Lady Paintings Duo

Each tableau was exquisitely painted, so much so that it seemed a shame that you could eat these because that meant you would be ruining a wonderful piece of art! Curious about this company, I struck up with a conversation with the woman managing the table, Paula J. Simpson. I wanted to know more about her company and the people who produced such enticing products.

To my surprise, she revealed that there was no big company, no mass of workers behind this operation. All of this was her work. She produced, molded, and painted these chocolates herself. That meant that the Texas Chocolate Lady is really what her name implies. At that moment, I felt kinda intimidated being in the presence of a true candy artist.

Texas Chocolate Lady Paintings

But there is more to her work than just aesthetics. Paula only utilizes fresh and organic ingredients to construct her art. And you know it from the taste. Though I felt remorseful consuming a Van Gogh painting, I had no qualms eating a tiny, Mayan pyramid of Cinnamon and Chili Belgian Dark Chocolate.

Texas Chocolate Lady Cinnamon and Chili Dark Chocolate Pyramid

The smell of the piece is rich of a fragrance consisting of chili powder and cayenne. I was afraid that meant the chocolate would taste blatantly overpowering of spice, but to my surprise it wasn’t.

The chocolate reflected the nature of most dark chocolates in its aspect of avoiding creaminess, instead opting for a slight bitterness and minimal sweetness; this is a smart thing since a potent creaminess would counter the inherent flavors of the spices, while a milder pairing of the flavor components enhance them.

The first spice that comes to my tongue is cinnamon, slowly, yielding a spice indicative of Moroccan cinnamon – something that has a little burn factor to it, but is far from spicy. The complexity then builds as an aftertaste of nutmeg and chili develops. All of this occurs without being overwhelming or congested.

In fact, I was reminded a great deal of traditional gingerbread (the actual bread, not the cookie) with this piece. I personally found this flavor to be quite novel and enjoyed the taste contrasts with the chocolate, but it is most definitely something that is acquired because of its unusual flavor package for a piece of candy.

Browsing Paula’s website, I was floored by all the amazing products she produces. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries filled with Cream Cheese, Lavender Truffles, and even a bark named after Elvis – just to name a few. It’s difficult to fathom how this one woman crafts all these fine products.

I, like most Candy Addicts, love, love, love walking into a convenience store and buying my favorite candy bar. But there are also times when I realize candy can be more than just something that tastes good. It’s about the people who put their heart and spirit into a product, a product that itself is a gesture that is as embracing as a small town under a night sky full of stars.

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4 Responses to “Candy Review: Texas Chocolate Lady”

  1. 1
    KFSonshine says:

    What a cool article; thanks for sharing your experience with the Texas Chocolate Lady!

  2. 2
    Dragon-chan says:

    Sorry if I read the article too fast and missed it, but what is the “paint” on the paintings?

    They are incredible.

  3. 3
    Robby says:

    Dragon-Chan, the paint is an edible series of paste-like paint made from food colors mixed with natural ingredients (probably a sugar syrup). Essentially, just paintable food coloring. Totally safe to eat.

  4. 4
    Cadence says:

    Wow, this is totally cool. Thanks for the pix, too!

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