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Snackerrific Roundup: Snacks And News Go Healthy This Time ‘Round

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Our sister site Snackerrific has been digging the latest the trends of healthy snacks. Why, in these last few weeks, there have been reviews on yogurt, cookies made from an assortment of whole grains, chocolate-covered bananas, and baked cheese curls.

There’s even an article written explaining the science behind why bed-time snacking isn’t really that good for your waist-size, and when you should eat that snack (or candy) during the day to most effectively avoid the pounds.

Moving from the snack world to the sports-burns-off-calories-from-the-snacks-you-eat world, one of the fabulous Snackerrific staff writers even scored an interview with a professional disc golfer. Check it out to find more about this budding sport and what this master of the game likes to chew on between holes.

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One Response to “Snackerrific Roundup: Snacks And News Go Healthy This Time ‘Round”

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    Cadence says:

    Those cheddar cheese puff sound really good. I think the saltiness will provide a nice balance for all the chocolate I’ve been eating.

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