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Candy Review: Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Pearls

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Godiva Pearls Container

To me Godiva is like the Starbucks of chocolate. It’s a bit pretentious, often overpriced and it’s available everywhere, lurking in book stores, airports, hotels, even clothing stores.

But, just like Starbucks, Godiva knows how to deliver. The company’s chocolates are pricey but consistently good. The Godiva people also know how to saturate a market, just like their Starbucks friends: The chocolate behemoth has perfected the art of offering up the same product in hundreds of variations. From bars to liquors to cookies, there’s plenty of ways to get a Godiva fix. I’m waiting for the Godiva intravenous drip to dispense chocolate into my bloodstream 24 hours a day.

Now Godiva has created chocolate ‘pearls’ that come in a can. The company Web site plugs these with the tagline “Decadence goes mobile.” Please. Do we really need another temptation from these people?

Well, oversaturation or not, I decided to try the Mandarin Orange flavor of Godiva’s chocolate pearls. I popped a few candies in my mouth, waited and then, oh, heaven! I don’t care much for fruit-flavored chocolate, but Godiva does this right. The candy boasts melt-in-your mouth, smooth dark chocolate with just a hint of orange. It all makes for some delicious BB-sized decadence.

Godiva dark chocolate tastes like what I think dark chocolate should taste like. It’s not waxy or bitter. Godiva’s is still rich and creamy. It reminds me almost of a milk and dark chocolate blend.

One drawback of this ‘mobile decadence’ is the noise you can’t help but make while opening the can. Whenever I shook the candy out of its container, it sounded like I was dumping over a bag of rocks. How am I supposed to sneak a chocolate break and eat these all by myself if a clanking alarm goes off every time you break into a can? Chocolate bars, even with their papery crinkles, are definitely quieter.

Godiva pearls come in a variety of other flavors, including white and dark chocolate; dark chocolate with mint; and milk chocolate with café latte. The only disappointment was when I grabbed the can, shook it and heard not a single “clank.” An empty can, sigh. Where’s my intravenous drip?

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5 Responses to “Candy Review: Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Pearls”

  1. 1
    Jeni says:

    Those sound heavenly! I’d like to try the mint one, actually…

  2. 2
    JPLRUBIN says:

    Godiva always struck me as being over priced, I don’t deny that the chocolate is good but honestly give me a Hershey bar and not only is my wallet satisfied but I am too.

  3. 3
    laurie says:

    I’d buy these just for the gorgeous tins. I’m a sucker for any candy that comes in attractive reusable packaging, even if I never have anything to put in it afterwards.

  4. 4
    Dragon-chan says:

    I’m all for trying the latte ones. They sound awesome *is a caffeine junkie*

  5. 5
    dani says:

    They ARE overpriced, and a lot of their chocolate is just not that good. But the other day I went to Whole Foods and found these teeny 1.5 ounce boxes of Fran’s chocolates – one of dark chocolate with mint, and one of dark chocolate with sea salt – for freaking FIVE DOLLARS AND SIXTY-NINE CENTS EACH. Bet that makes the stiff price of Godiva seem a lot better!

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