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Snackerrific Roundup: The New Reese’s of the Snack World, How to Lose Weight Without Trying, and Japaenese Syllabic Poetry!

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There are moments in your life when a little voice inside you screams for joy when you see a particular snack on the supermarket shelf. For me, my inner, former fraternity boy persona did exactly that this past week. And what could be responsible for such an awakening?

Beer Chips! Yes, that’s right, they now combine the peanut butter and chocolate of the candy world with the equivalent in the snack world. And wait, it’s not just beer. There’s also a Bloody Mary and Margarita variety.

And how did I learn about such an amazing and long overdue snack? On our sister site Snackerrific of course! And for those of you shying away from beer and/or chips, check out some healthy reviews, including a drink that makes you lose weight by consuming it! And no, it’s not beer-flavored.

Don’t forget to read the winners of Snackerrific’s first giveaway, with our devoted reader Amy taking top prize with her delicious Ice Cream Haiku:

Frozen ecstasy
On a sultry summer’s day
Instant gratification

To read the other winning Haikus and other fabulous articles, head over to Snackerrific now!

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