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Retro Candy Review: U-No

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And then there was U-No. This is the fourth and final oddly-named retro bar in my mini-cycle of candy that spiraled out of a dream I thought I had about overhearing a woman speaking to her husband when in New York City. (The other three candies are Oh Henry! Look!, and the 5th Avenue bar.)

Unlike those other three bars, I had U-No as a kid. And I remember liking it. So today we’ll see if I’m transported back to those halcyon days of rare treats, or caught in a transporter with a fly, like Jeff Goldblum, with disastrous consequences. And really, I’m a little worried, because my childhood taste was far from infallible.

Two things I didn’t realize growing up: U-No’s have powdered buttermilk and crushed almonds in them. That might have freaked me out at 8, but it intrigues me now.

So, will I still like this unique candy in the lunar-module, super-shiny wrapper?

Yes. Yes I do! Call me Ishmael, but this isn’t the white whale from my past that the captain was fearing. No albatross, here. A harpoon full of… okay, I’ll stop.

But is this bar for everyone? No, it’s not. But check this out. U-No’s have a very cool, truffle-like interior. Imagine 3 Musketeers, but an even finer, melt-in-your mouth quality. And the flavor is far more interesting than the boring cape-guy candy.

For one thing, the first ingredient is milk chocolate, and unlike the crass and tasteless rush to substitute vegetable oil for real cocoa butter from many big names, U-No still has the real thing. Niiiice.

The filling also has those finely crushed almonds and buttermilk. And I’m saying FINELY crushed. I mean, these nuts must be pulverized, because if you let a U-No piece melt in your mouth (which it does quite nicely), you are only occasionally left with a minuscule fiber of an almond. But the nuts do give the bar a nice background flavor. As for the buttermilk, it seems to give the truffle-like filling an airy dairy flavor. I don’t get any overt butter or sour flavor at all. Overall, I’m reminded of a Carnation powered breakfast drink. But smoother. With some nuttiness. And covered in chocolate.

In closing: my childhood self came through. U-No the score, indeed. Yeah, this bar’s pretty simple by modern standards, but it’s got a great texture and an unusual airy chocolate, super mild almond taste. I mean, your grandma could lose her dentures and still chomp down on this thing with enjoyment.

(By the way, I never did learn why they named this bar a U-No back in the 1920’s. Just waiting for legions of cell-toting text-jockeys, perhaps?)

And so concludes my mini-round up of oddly named retro candy that you can form into a ridiculous sentence. (Professional driver on a closed track. Try this stunt at your own risk.) I think it’s fun to taste the candy bars of your ancestors. It’s like visiting an antique store with your mouth, but sweet, and without so much dust. So, hey: thanks candy pioneers of the past.

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4 Responses to “Retro Candy Review: U-No”

  1. 1
    joyce says:

    I love U-No’s. I buy them by the case, along with Look and Violet Crumble bars. U-No’s have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid growing up in California! They are so good, but what I like, is they are so light you don’t feel the quilt eating them! I am down to only 3 left, so its almost time to re-order!

  2. 2
    Mary says:

    I’ve never even heard of these candy bars, but they sound interesting. Guess I’ll have to order some and give them a try.

  3. 3
    Student Nurse says:

    I haven’t had an U-No bar in years, but I LOVED them as a kid. Lots of candy reviewers these days give them really bad reviews so I’m glad to read a good review.

  4. 4
    kim says:

    i have never had a u no candy bar but i remember bar none and 2by 4 candy bars im in west virginia.i liked the bar nones they were good, too bad that the older ones are no longer on the market :(

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