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Candy Review: Anastasia’s Coconut Patties

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Anastasia’s Coconut Patties

Candy eating can be a bit depressing this time of year. Halloween is over, and the only thing left in the bottom of your kids’ plastic pumpkins are butterscotch Dum Dum suckers and peppermint Star Brites. To make matters worse, the winter holidays are still far enough away that it requires real work to find chocolate Santas and marshmallow snowmen to munch on. And eating candy should never be work.

What’s a person to do? It’s time to troll the local candy shops and specialty supermarkets for something other than the usual candy suspects you find in every gas station in the country. This searching led me to something quite amazing, Anastasia’s Confections Coconut Patties, an oddbird candy treat that features coconut, of course, dipped in rich chocolate. Being a fan of both Almond Joy and Mounds bars, I decided to give the Coconut Patties a try.

Well, Mounds – and Almond Joy, too – eat your heart out. These Coconut Patties have left you in their dust. Coconut Patties are that most pleasant of candy surprises: A treat that tastes far better than it looks.

When I opened the candy’s package, I expected to find something that looked like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Instead, I found an almost 2-inch square of coconut with only its sides and bottom dipped in chocolate. Yes, readers, Coconut Patties are naked on top! Turns out, though, this really lets the candy’s coconut shine. And the candy’s look wasn’t the only surprise: It was quite tasty, too. The bar was soft and chewy, with lots and lots of coconut. The chocolate is only a cocoa concoction, but is delicious anyway.

Anastasia’s Confections is based out of Orlando, and seems to be a regional favorite there. (It’s nice to see something from that city that doesn’t have mouse ears plastered to it.) The company makes everything from salt water taffy to Choc-O-Gators. That last product explains the first question I had when picking up Coconut Patties: Why on earth does the package feature a crocodile wearing hot pink sunglasses? (I might have thought “alligator wearing hot pink sunglasses.” I’ve never quite understood the difference between the two creatures.)

Odd cartoon mascot aside, I’d recommend Coconut Patties to anyone tired of the same-old bite-sized bars your kids brought home this Halloween. And if you get sick of the candy’s original version, Coconut Patties are also available in Key Lime, almond, orange, pina colada and mango flavors. If they’re as good as the original, you can’t go wrong.

Buy Coconut Patties Online:

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9 Responses to “Candy Review: Anastasia’s Coconut Patties”

  1. 1
    missmoxie says:

    I just recently tried these coconut treats and I’m crazy about them!! The chocolate on the side is perfect and they’re so moist!!

  2. 2
    tracey says:

    these come in key lime flavor as well, they are lovely

  3. 3
    Kimberly says:

    LOVE THESE…..Cracker Barrel usually carries them.

  4. 4
    Dan says:

    Hi, All:

    I really like these, too. I was surprised because they just didn’t look like they’d be too tasty. But I love getting the good kind of surprise from candy.


  5. 5
    Dani says:

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. The holidays are whatnow? The Walgreens and Longs Drugs near me both had shelves of Christmas crap all lined up staring the Halloween items ominously down for weeks in October, all of which has now been deployed – including, at Longs anyway, bags of mint M&Ms (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), mint Three Musketeers bars, mint hershey’s kisses, mint Almond Roca (wtf?)…. Ok, I didn’t look for marshmallow figurines, but I’m sure they’re there too!

  6. 6
    Dan says:

    Wow, Dani. Shows how much I know. I haven’t seen holiday candy yet at our local stores, but it looks like some have definitely jumped the gun.


  7. 7
    Jgarrett says:

    Thanks Kimberly, I was about to ask where I can get these, I really want one now. I like mounds and I hope they are just as good if not better.

  8. 8
    leah says:

    Oh goodness this is why I would like to move to another country! it’s like Canada is so far behind on the candy scene! I can’t find these Anywhere.. i’m about ready to start looking on the net and have them delivered!

  9. 9
    John says:

    I love these coconut patties. I bought them couple of months ago at a cracker Barrel and I was trying to find more about the company. They actually have an online store Just purchased their sample. Can’t wait to try them all.

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