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Candy Art: An Interview with Vanessa St. Laurent

Peppermints by Vanessa St. Laurent When I first saw some of Vanessa St. Laurent’s artwork, I started to drool. I mean my mouth literally began to water. You see, Vanessa paints pictures of candy. Her work ranges from really fun to surprisingly provocative. I had no idea you could use candy to express such a […]

Halloween Candy Recipe: Grand Apple

There are many food associations for the month of October and Halloween. But personally, I can think of no other recipe that rings as true to this autumnal month than baked apples. Apples themselves are an odd entity in the candy world, mainly lending themselves to either a sour apple flavoring or through the ever-popular […]

Candy Review: Toblerone’s One by One

Go ahead and twist my arm. Make make me review Toblerone’s One by One, a tasty treat manufactured by one of my favorite chocolate companies. In fact, make me review the One by One assortment as often as you like. These little chocolate pyramids are every bit as delicious – and in some cases even […]

Halloween Candy Review: Gummy Brains

When I went to the Swedish Fish Party a few weeks back, I salvaged the evening by buying a few varieties of Halloween candy I hadn’t tried before. Unfortunately, it was so overpriced I didn’t buy very much, and what I did buy got devoured on the subway on the way home. So, I didn’t […]

How NOT to Eat a Hershey’s Bar: Rules of Etiquette

(image from Alana Elliott at Flickr) Last week, we invited some friends over for an evening campfire and s’mores. Everyone knows s’mores: graham crackers (blech), marshmallows (okay, getting better), and Hershey’s chocolate bars (yes! give me some). I bought the biggest, thickest Hershey’s bar I could find. I think it weighed 4.2 pounds (1.91kg). Hershey’s […]