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Snackerrific Roundup: The Skinny on Free Food, an Unexpected Nutritional Treat, and Something Even Your Mom Would Approve Of

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I’ve spent the better part of this past month traveling around the country for work. Aside from the fact that it’s a pain not to be able to sleep in my own bed, meals are a burden. Often, I don’t have kitchens where I stay and must resort to heading to the local gas station or supermarket to sate my hunger.

Gas station meals get expensive if you dine there several times a day. That is why I was thrilled to read on our sister site, Snackerrific, an article about the Top 10 Places to Find Free Snacks. Seriously, I read it, went to a bunch of the stores listed, and managed to satisfy my stomach in no time.

But I feel bad just walking into a store and not buying anything when I consume about ten dollars worth of free samples. Feeling obligated to purchase something, I turned to the reviews of the week in order to discover what were the must-have snacks. Turns out there’s an amazing yogurt on the market worth your money (who would have thought?) and a perfect snack bar for my vegetarian diet that’s organic.

So if you too are traveling around the country, or are just simply eager to know what’s worth buying when you head out to do the grocery shopping, stop by Snackerrific and let them tell you what’s what.

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