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Halloween Candy Review: Leftovers Body Parts Gummies

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Gather around the campfire, little Candy Addicts. Did you all bring marshmallows? Of course you did! Now get in close, everyone, because Camp Counselor Laurie’s going to tell you all a spooooky story. It’s the story of Leftovers body-part-shaped gummies.

Did I mention it was spooooky? Because it is. It’s not too late for all of you to go back to your cabins and have a Snickers instead. Nobody’s leaving? Well, OK then, but don’t blame me if you all get nightmares.

The Tale of the Leftovers Gummies


(Image from sallyrye at Flickr)

There once was a little town. It looked a lot like YOUR town, or maybe YOURS. In this town, there lived a scientist. A very mad scientist. His name was Dr. Frankenstein.

What, you’ve heard this story before? No you haven’t. Be quiet and eat your s’more.

Anyway, on this day, which just so happened to be Halloween, Dr. Frankenstein was working on his monster. He’d been collecting corpses for months, and had just finished picking the very best bits of each one. He was all ready to start assembling his monster, but his lab was so cluttered with all the leftover bits and pieces of corpses that there was no room to work.

“Igor!” the doctor croaked. “Clean up this mess immediately!” But there was no reply. Belatedly, he remembered that he had given his assistant the night off to go visit his sick mother. Grumbling, he swept a bunch of the smaller bits into a nearby bucket and began to trudge up the stairs from his basement laboratory.

Dr. Frankenstein was just about to take the bucket out back and tip it into the dumpster, when he heard a sudden sound from the front door. It sounded like high-pitched voices shouting “Trick-or-treat!”

He tromped to the front door and opened it. There, he beheld a truly terrifying sight.

Two little children, a girl and a boy, stood at his doorstep. The little girl had blue eyes and golden curls. She was dressed as a fairy princess. The boy had rosy apple cheeks and a button nose. He was dressed as a cowboy.

The doctor was struck dumb. He had forgotten all about Halloween – usually he let Igor take care of the wretched holiday. Because if there’s one thing mad scientists hate, it’s children… especially cute children.

“Whoah! Cool mad scientist costume,” said the boy, taking in the doctor’s bloodstained rubber boots, lab coat and rubber gloves, the horn-rimmed glasses and the rusty, blood-spattered bucket.

“So where’s our candy?” the little girl demanded. “We want candy!”

“I… I… candy?” Dr. Frankenstein sputtered. He had only rye bread, sauerkraut and bratwurst, and a little bit of good dark chocolate that he was saving for a special occasion. Then he had an idea, the kind of idea that would only occur to someone who stitched bits of dead people together for a living.

“Why of course, my dears,” he said sweetly, sticking his hand into the bucket. “Here’s some for you, and some for you.” He dropped a handful into each child’s trick or treat bag, sticking his hand way down inside before he let go.

“Thank you!” the children chorused as they headed down the front steps. The doctor watched them go with a grin on his weathered face. Perhaps he didn’t hate Halloween so much after all.

Dr. Frankenstein’s activities were eventually discovered, and he was run out of town by a torch-wielding mob. But to commemorate this occasion, we have Leftovers body-part-shaped gummies, so you too can experience the thrill of pulling a severed ear, nose, eyeball or pair of lips from your trick-or-treat bag. AH HAHAHAHA!

Cough, cough. Ahem. What, none of you were scared away? And now you all want to hear about Leftovers gummies? Fine then, you darn kids.

The gummies are individually wrapped for trick-or-treating, and they’re pretty hefty, with some of the bigger pieces as long as your pinky. Most of the pieces (ear, nose, teeth) are made from matte pink gummy with the details in white. (If you’ve ever had those gummy vampire fangs with the pink gums and white teeth, you’ll have a good idea of what they look like.)

The other pieces, the eyeball and lips, are made from solid white gummy with details in red and, in the case of the eyeball, a pupil picked out in black. The eyeball looks pretty good, but the other pieces are a little blobby – the nose and ear have a big blob of superfluous pink in the background, and the color separation between the layers isn’t very good, which is especially obvious with the teeth – a good portion of the pink gums is also white.

The flavor of them is sort of a generic tangy, almost floral fruit flavor, also reminiscent of gummy vampire fangs. Occasionally you get one that’s a little bit stale-tasting – not hard or anything, but there’s kind of a stale aroma from the air inside the bag. The strong flavor and aroma and the firm texture work in a smaller candy, especially when it’s mixed with an assortment of different-tasting gummies, but a piece this big and thick is just kind of too much. These are big, hefty hunks of gummy, and while I’d eat one if I got it from a candy bowl at work or something, I wouldn’t want to have to eat the whole bag.

So in the end, little Candy Addict campers, the scaaaariest thing about Leftovers gummies is that they aaaaren’t very gooood. Bwahahaha!

Hey, where’d they all go? Guess there’s nothing scarier to Candy Addicts than wasting money on bad candy. Oh well – more marshmallows for me.

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8 Responses to “Halloween Candy Review: Leftovers Body Parts Gummies”

  1. 1
    Robby says:

    Hilarious! I always wondered the origins of gummi parts. =-)

  2. 2
    JR says:

    They remind me of those chewy dull strawberry gummy candies…and wow how they disappoint

  3. 3
    Maya says:

    That is soooo funny. It’s super cool.

  4. 4
    Heather says:

    Wow. You spent some time on this. That was quite a post. Very, uh, interesting…

  5. 5
    Candice says:

    I just bought some of these from Walmart… All I have to say is I ate one and I’m horribly sick… You open the bag and it reeks of chemicals and fertilizer… The one I ate had a really aweful taste… Never will I buy these again!

  6. 6
    Lindsey says:

    Agree with Candice…each piece smells like plastic! Gross!

  7. 7
    Kaylee says:

    NEVER! eat zit poppers. they are disqusting, plastic tasting gummies with gooey, cold juice inside. I hate them, not sweet like other gummies.

  8. 8
    mick s says:

    I ate about ten of these things at a halloween party friday and LOVED them. only, the eleventh one I ate tasted REALLY weird –chemical, slightly astringent. I immediately spit it out and looked at the label. Seeing “made in china” kinda freaked me out because there is a little milky section in the candy I immediately wondered if some melamine somehow was used. perhaps an over-reaction, but these days you have to wonder.

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