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Name That Candy: Cinnamon Balls in a Tube

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Name That Candy

I got an email from a reader named Jennifer today trying to find the name of a long-lost candy. We get many, many of these types of emails and 95% of the time I don’t recognize the candy so I refer them to our Name That Candy Forum. This one was different though. I, too, remember this candy and the taste of it instantly flooded back into my memory, but I cannot remember its name. Below is Jennifer’s summary of what we remember about it. Can anyone help us remember the name?

For years now I have been searching for the name of a wonderful cinnamon candy I had in the 80′s as a kid. I remember the packaging almost more than the candy, so with Brian’s help I think we have both the candy and packaging covered. The candy itself were small red balls a little larger than BB’s, a little smaller than Tart N Tinys. The center was pressed dextrose similar to the center of a Gobstopper and the balls were coated with a red candy shell. They were sweet cinnamon… not too hot/spicy. They came in a very thick fuzzy (not smooth) red and white cardboard roll (Brian just remembers the tube and the candy, not the color or fuzziness), about the same size as a roll or quarters. On the top there was a round red plastic flip top. I can almost hear the sound of the little balls clicking as I would hold the roll between my thumb and pointer finger and flip it back and forth and can remember the taste as if it were yesterday. Now if we could only remember the name, that’s where you guys come in! Can someone please help a girl out and put me out of my misery… What was the name of that Candy??

Help us, Candy Addicts!

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10 Responses to “Name That Candy: Cinnamon Balls in a Tube”

  1. 1
    kaylie says:

    I think they were called Hot Shot (my husband says they were Cinnamon BBs) and they were in that tube because it was very similar to the tube that the Daisy BB-gun BBs used to (maybe still do) come in. My brother and I got a friend to put them in his gun when we were kids. The candies weren’t the right size and as I remember the kid’s dad got really upset that the kid had filled his new BB-gun with candy.

  2. 2
    ButterflyKyss says:

    Hello! Kaylie beat me to it. I am almost positive these were called Cinnamon BBs, as her husband remembers. So now, off to search the internet for proof! :P

  3. 3
    Jeni says:


  4. 4
    i_write says:

    I read this blog this morning, and after nearly 10 hours writing, I still came back to it and tried to track down the candy. Yes, I can be a bit obsessive. I tried finding these Cinnamon BBs mentioned, but all I could find were BB Bats?

    I tried to Google everything from cinnamon candy to fuzzy roll! I give up, but below is a link to what appears to be every red candy on the planet!

    I must see a picture of this fuzzy candy tube!! :)


  5. 5
    Robert B. says:

    Here’s a picture of Sweet’s Hot Shots… but it doesn’t have any packaging.

  6. 6
    Brian says:

    Robert – I’m not so sure that’s them. They say: “Sweet’s Hot Shots are a cinnamon flavored jelly bean.” but I am positive the candy I am thinking of was NOT a jellybean type candy. Here is a working link:

  7. 7
    Dave says:

    How about these red white and blue small round candys that came with a short straw called BB Shots????? Anyone, anyone????? They came in a small celophane bagy and you could eat them or shoot your best buddy. It was the beginning of my demise as a BB Shot war was indeed started in my 5th grade class in 1980. We purchased them at a candy store in Lombard, Illinois called Keelers. Cant find those on the web….same with purple sweedish fish and the Choco-lite bar.

  8. 8
    Jennifer says:

    Thank everyone for trying! Looks like if I have spent years searching and the candyaddicts can’t come up with a name I’m going to have to give up :(

  9. 9
    Brittany says:

    They were called BB Bats… I loved them!

  10. 10
    Dave says:

    The red white and blue BB candy with the short straw – the candy was peppermint. I remember them, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I’m sure someone got shot in the eye or something. My freind Tom and I got into lots of trouble shooting them at a neighbor lady 30 or so years ago. We shot them at cars too.

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