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Snackerrific Weekly Roundup 9/1-5

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This past weekend, a cookie store in Austin was having its grand opening. As a promotion, they were selling a dozen cookies for two dollars. Having not had a freshly baked cookie in some time, I waited anxiously all week for this event.

I even justified my eating of a planned purchase of three-dozen cookies by completing a triathlon the morning of my supposed cookie bounty harvest. You can imagine my overwhelming frustration when, just as I had completed the last two hours of a bike ride to the store, I was greeted not with the aroma of oatmeal raisin deliciousness, but a three-hour line!

No way was I going to stand in the Texan summer sun for that long! As I began to ride away sullenly, I was met with an immediate realization: I had just spent the last five hours exercising and needed food right away.

Trying to find a suitable replacement for these cookies was not easy. My blood-sugar levels were too low to think properly. And that is when I had a stroke of genius, kinda like when you go to your mom with a problem and she always has the perfect solution. But in this case, it was less mom-like and more sister-like, as in Candy Addict’s sister website Snackerrific.

The day before, I had read a tantalizing review of Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams. These would surely serve as the perfect alternative to those other cookies I planned to buy (which would have been circular and not bunny-shaped, an automatic devaluing in my book). I pedaled as fast as I could to the local Whole Foods where I found these delicious cookies.

So if your tummy is rumbling and you’re in need of the help of a cool sister, like the one who lets you borrow her clothes (if you’re a girl) or hang out with her attractive friends (if you’re a boy), then head on over to Snackerrific and catch up on these latest reviews:

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