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Snackerrific Weekly Roundup 8/25-29

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Few things are as essential to my life as candy. One of the others is college football. So to kickoff the season, a fellow UCLA Bruin alumni and I headed down to a local sports bar to watch the Bruins play (and beat) the Tennessee Volunteers.

Maybe it’s because Tennessee is a lot closer to Texas than California, but my friend and I were the only fans sporting blue and gold among a throng of orange and white. This was made particularly awkward every time our team did well, and I would jump and cheer only to be booed by those around.

Not one for confrontation, I approached the group with an olive branch of Sahale Snacks Nut Blends. Having read the review on Snackerrific the week before, I immediately set out to buy these knowing they would be the perfect alternative to stale peanuts at the bar.

Despite how much those Volunteer fans wanted to hate me, they just couldn’t after trying some of the Soccoro Blend. In the end, we watched the rest of the game amicably, all an example of how good food can bring even the most opposed people together. Lucky I brought those nuts and not the Late July Sandwich Cookies. Things might have gotten ugly if I hadn’t read those reviews.

So if you too would like to know which snacks to crack open during your next college football party, and what to avoid giving to your friends so they don’t resent you for it, then check out these reviews:

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