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Candy Art: Jason Mecier Profile

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Christina Aguilera Candy Mosaic
I’m not a huge art lover. I mean, I can ponder the meaning of Mona Lisa’s smile with the best of a Communications major. And who couldn’t just stare at Whistler’s Mother for the rest of eternity? But if you had to place me on the art appreciation continuum, I’d definitely fall closer to the-gift-shop-is-the-highlight-of-the-museum. Things changed for me a few months back, though, when I reported on a genre of art with which I wasn’t previously familiar: the Jelly Belly portrait. This, for me, was mesmerizing, and made me wonder what other decadent masterpieces might be out there, just waiting for a keen eye such as mine. And my ravenous search quickly led me to the online gallery of one Jason Mecier.

The considerably humorous and imaginative Jason Mecier (pulled straight from his bio) specializes in mosaic portraiture of all sorts – most notably for this Addict, celebrity images depicted in gum, peppermints, M&M’s, and the sugary like. In his work, banana Runts highlight the blond locks of such notables as Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, and Baby Spice, and the Olsen Twins don Life Saver-specked Santa hats in a holiday-themed piece.

Mecier garnered some media attention for his Rosie O’Donnell composed of a bevy of snack foods (including many a confectionery morsel), which made me wonder: if MY image were to be rendered in such a manner, of what would it be composed? My first instinct, naturally, is chocolate, but two concerns strike me right off the bat: (1) I’m white (and I know, I know, there’s white chocolate but as all of us Addicts know, that’s not really chocolate), and (2) I live in Southern California (hello… melt factor). But alas, I deem those merely artistic obstacles in need of a creative solution.

Check out these impressive galleries, though. Marvel, drool, and let me know what your portraits would be made of.

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    That is AWESOME!

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